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Because I’m overweight…am I supposed to feel INADEQUATE? I supposed to feel incapable? I supposed to feel unloved? I supposed to feel not-good-enough? …am I UNSUCCESSFUL?

NO NO NO NO and NO!!!

Yes, I’m overweight.  I’m not the “perfect” size.  I do not wear bikinis.  HAHA!  Never have, never will.  I do not run.  Another HAHA!

I may not be able to outrun someone, but I can do so much that others don’t do, want to do or have the talent to do.

Society may look at me and think, “Wow, she probably eats a lot of donuts.”  When in actuality, I HATE DONUTS.  Ice cream is not something I long for.  I don’t really like pie.  Chocolate, yes, but …

OK, WHAT I’M SAYING IS:  Society does not KNOW me.  They don’t know my likes, dislikes, talents, struggles, victories, etc.  I do not care what SOCIETY thinks.  They can put me in this group of sad people which need to be “fixed” or guided.  Still, they do not know me. Whatever label, group or stereotype I get associated with… It does not define who I am.

I am a strong, smart, beautiful and very much talented person.  I encourage and help others.  I have a great smile!  I keep a positive attitude that I believe this world needs more of.  I get whatever job needs to be done–done.  I shine the light of Jesus, because He is in my heart!  I am NOT UNSUCCESSFUL.

The scales don’t own me.  The number of pounds my body is does not dictate my life.  The fact that I don’t run does not mean I can’t be a winner.  I can and will do things that are extraordinary and awesome.  I will be victorious and overcome things in this life.  The fact that I don’t lose one pound doing it has NO BEARING ON MY ABILITY TO SUCCEED.

MY Success is not measured by society even though society may think it does.  Success is what I believe it to be in my life.

Here are the top reasons why I KNOW I’m successful—

JESUS LOVES ME and I LOVE JESUS!  So glad I succeeded in asking HIM into my heart.  …SUCCESS!


I am a pretty good mom, wife and teacher…SUCCESS!  (I have papers to prove it which include personal reference letters, anniversary cards and a few teachery awards from various individuals and groups)

I have friends who love me.  (again, papers, emails, text messages and memories to prove it)…SUCCESS!

I’m happy.  …SUCCESS!

and guess what…

I walked 40 minutes on the treadmill this morning and quite briskly, might I add.   I didn’t run, but to me, I was a success on that mill!  I find my success in all kinds of places.  Perhaps losing weight may be one of those someday.  I have found it in the past and may in the future, but no matter what… it is not the only thing that defines my success.


–and YOU ARE TOO!  Find your successes…do not dwell on your failures.  God will guide you in finding them when you need help looking.  Do it!  FOCUS ON THE GOOD, always.


When we think of the word SERVANT, most of the time a negative connotation goes along with it.  There are many words that are used in it’s place:  minion, lackey, attendant, maid…slave.   See, negative.

As a student council advisor, I try my best to encourage the ones involved that being a leader means serving others.  The council is not just about painting signs or having meetings.  It’s about serving others.

This is the same in life… We are not here to just live.  We are here to live for others.  We are here to serve.  We are here to make this life better for everyone, not just for #1.  We are to put others before us.

As a servant, we are to love others as God loves us.  We are not #1.  We are #3, or 4…or 5 …or ….  you get it?  God, of course, should be our #1.  THEN, all will fall into the place they need to be.  Others should be next #2, 3, 4, so on.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t take care of yourself, but when you help others, you help yourself.   When you serve others, you serve yourself.   God knows your heart.  He knows your intentions and your service.  He knows.

This helps explain:


and remember…


Be a servant.

Tomorrow is MLK, Jr. National Day of Service.  I’m excited to read about all the things that people do to serve others on this day that has been inspired by the life of Mr. King.

I want to end the blog today with a great Martin Luther King, Jr. quote.  





(Pic just reminds me of UNPLEASANTNESS…haha!  Anyone? Anyone?)

Our boss gave us an article to read today which was about the effects of traditional school methodologies when applied to today’s students.   There were several points the author made, but in one paragraph, he referred to our society and how as a society, most are not surprised that learning is unpleasant to students.  It’s almost like that is the way it’s SUPPOSED TO BE.

Here’s a line quoted from the article:

“ Some people even think that the very unpleasantness of school is good for children, so they will learn to tolerate unpleasantness, because life after school is unpleasant.”


Don’t students already have enough UNPLEASANTNESS…broken homes, parents who neglect or even beat them OR WORSE…children starved for attention OR FOOD…at the very least, HORMONAL changes that confuse them along with peers who make the confusion even worse…   I MEAN, COME ON!  Those who think like that quote, are very sad people and I’m MOST certain, very unpleasant ones.  (AND THEY FOR REAL NEED JESUS!…JUST SAYIN!)

There’s no doubt, it’s been proven that most all students don’t enjoy school.  We all know that when we enjoy or want to learn something, the experience of learning IS enjoyable and we will even work harder and do more to learn the task.   Like he refers to in the article, we have all witnessed this.  I mean, we learned to walk and talk and move around in our society.   Think about a teenager learning to drive.  They may flunk that algebra test a million times, but they will ACE that driving test on the first try!  It’s because they WANTED IT!  They want the reward, the freedom of being a driver and all that comes with it.  What is the reward of passing that algebra test, but a pat on the back (MAYBE) and a nice grade on the report card?  Some students just don’t care about that!  And what makes it even easier for them to not care, is the fact that they have no one in their life that cares either.   All this goes right back to what I said before, DON’T STUDENTS ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH UNPLEASANTNESS?!  

A lot of teachers look at what I teach (fine arts and leadership) and think (and I’ve had some of them verbalize it as well) that my subject matter really doesn’t matter.  I don’t have a state test to teach to.  I don’t get weighed on the percentage of students who make commended or whatever the term is now.  I get it.  I’m not a “CORE” teacher, but that is mainly because I was that student who disliked algebra.  Why would I have a job where I use algebra?  If I did like algebra and I became an algebra teacher—my main classroom goals would still, I believe whole hearted-ly, be the exact same:  MAKE LEARNING FUN and HELP STUDENTS FEEL CONFIDENT AND IMPORTANT.  I know those are broad, but no matter what we teach, if we can do those things, our students will retain SOMETHING–maybe even more than you expected.


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