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Does it always have to be about being Christian?

A while back, a friend of mine had someone ask her if EVERYTHING to her had to be about being a Christian?

This keeps coming into my head.  I keep answering the question up in there too.  YES.  It really does need to be all about FOLLOWING JESUS.  That is what Christian means, right?  If I call myself a Christian, I’m a follower of Christ.  Therefore, YES, EVERYTHING falls under that.

Being a Christian to me is like nothing else I am.  It’s as constant as the fact that I’m a woman, but still not the same.  It’s more than that.  Being a Christian involves much more than just gender or culture or the color of my skin.  It is what holds everything I am together.  How did I do it before I was born again??? –is the question I ask myself over and over.

I pray that everyday I become more and more like Christ.  That is what Christians are supposed to strive for, right?  We are supposed to live CHRIST-LIKE.  We are supposed to press on toward the reward that is awaiting us BECAUSE JESUS CHRIST, emphasizing CHRIST (since I’m talking about CHRISTian here) gave His life so we could have it.

DOES THIS MEAN that I can’t be friends with non-Christians?  NO.  Does this mean I’m “holier than thou?”  HAHAHA…no! Does this mean I can only love those who love Jesus?  NO!  I’m to love my neighbor and that is EVERYONE. (Mark 12:31) There are no stipulations in the Bible that say I’m to only love people just like me.  I’m supposed to love ALL Y’ALL!   I do believe that is what I will try my hardest to do.




Yes.  I have chosen to be a Christian.


Reminds me of a song.  (Like most things do!)

Check these guys out—

Song of the Day

My great friend who WON a luncheon/concert decided I was the blessed one to accompany her to this shindig today.  LOVE!  It was a great event which truly blessed me.  We got to listen to Brandon Heath sing, talk, answer questions and tell us more about his hygiene than we might of wanted to know.  It was entertaining, funny and a total hoot!

I’m going to share my fave song of the day below.  It truly spoke to me.  It made me think of the song— This World Is Not My Home, because it truly is, no matter what–going to be ALRIGHT.  This is not my home.  When I leave here, it’s alright (really better than alright), because you know where I will be.  Love this song!

HE gives you a song!

I’ve been thinking and praying about what to sing at church tomorrow…

I EVEN GOOGLED “What should I sing in church tomorrow?”   So, this is what came up:

Jesus said “Here I stand, won’t you please let me in?”

And you said “I will tomorrow”

Jesus said “I am he who supplies all your needs”
And you said “I know, but tomorrow, ooh, tomorrow, ill give my life
tomorrow, I thought about today, but it’s so much easier to say”

Tomorrow, who promised you tomorrow,
better choose the lord today, for
tomorrow very well might be too late.

Jesus said “Here I stand, won’t you please take my hand?”
And you said “I will tomorrow”

Jesus said “I am he who supplies all your needs”
And you said “I know, but tomorrow, ooh, tomorrow, ill give my life
tomorrow, I thought about today oooohh,
but it’s so much easier to say”

Tomorrow, who promised you tomorrow,
better choose the lord today, for
tomorrow very well might be too late.

And who said tomorrow would ever come for you

still you laugh and play and continue on to say

forget about tomorrow
won’t you give your life today
oohh please don’t just turn and walk away

tomorrow, tomorrow is not promised
don’t let this moment slip away
your tomorrow could very well begin today

I am burdened with names of people who need Jesus.  Praying for them is not a burden.  I mean, I ache for them.  I want them to know Jesus.  I pray so hard that God softens their hearts and shows them HE is the Lord…JESUS is the ticket, the key, the path to being happy in this life and eternally happy.  I want Him for everyone!  So, when this song came up that I had never heard before, I KNEW GOD gave me this song!  He does it all the time… not only did He give me this song, he gave me the ability to sing it.  I struggled some and prayed a bunch and when I finally sang it all the way through correctly, I CRIED.  It is such an emotional thing when you know GOD DID IT.  He did it through you, for you and is going to use it for others.  That is the most amazing feeling.  To know YOUR GOD loves you and cares for you and gives you a song.

HE GIVES YOU A SONG!  **sing it** …whatever it may be!

Yes, I’m addicted to TEDtalks.

TEDtalk I want to share today. Inspirational.

I Saw Jesus!

I see Jesus a lot.  If you are not a believer, you are probably thinking “whatever,” and you might not want to read this blog.  It’s ok.  Always your choice.  I’m gonna tell it no matter what.  😉

If you are a believer, you will probably totally understand what I’m about to say.  I hope as a Christian, you see Jesus as I do…

I SAW JESUS!  I am not talking about the sandal wearing, long haired, gentle speaking guy we all picture when reading the Bible or looking at those stories illustrated for our children.  I’m talking I SAW JESUS in the voice of a man tonight.  When I say I see Jesus a lot…I do.  I see him in the clouds, in a smile just when I needed it…in a circumstance or compliment.  Tonight, He was there in song.  All I could do tonight when hearing this voice is thank God for allowing me to see Him.  I just praised Him as I listened to the words and music He so perfectly illustrated through the man who stood in front of the crowd.

Most every time I hear the National Anthem sung, I get goosebumps.  There is a pride and a sentiment during that song that makes me so thankful I live in the US.  I say this to help explain the feelings I had when I heard the music tonight.  It was that feeling when I hear the anthem times a million.  It was a humbleness that one feels when standing by something enormous.  It’s that feeling of being overwhelmed by something totally out of your control.  All those feelings rolled up into one….that is what I felt tonight.

I was so blessed to be able to meet Cleveland Brown tonight and to hear him sing praises and to sing a long with the songs he presented.  I could feel God moving.  I saw Jesus…in the music.  It was amazing.  You can tell that when this man sings, God is sending His message through that voice.

Got my picture taken with the man that shared Jesus with us tonight:



DADs are so important.  I know I didn’t create some post on Father’s Day about Father’s Day, because for the most part, I don’t want to get all sad about not having mine here anymore.  I mean, I can do that any day of the year!  I really do miss mine so much.  With the recent passing of a close family friend, it just brings back all the memories of when my daddy died.  It was so quick, he was gone and we were all so devastated.  We didn’t get to say a long or even a short good-bye.  Looking back, it was better that way.  At least, for me.  He was my cheerleader.  He always told me everything was going to be ok … no matter what.  So, if there was a long illness in the end, it would have been so out of sync with the relationship he had with all of us.  I do regret so many things I didn’t tell him or ask him, but that’s another blog.

I’ve been going over some songs for the friend’s funeral and this song just hit me.  It’s the perfect song about a dad.

For those of you out there that are true DADDYS …that truly take care of your children and love them with an unconditional love only a parent can give…THANK YOU!

Happy late Father’s Day!



I must share the best VBS song ever! This video is hilariously awesome…This guy is getting it! It’s the one that is on the cd every year.

Our lead song/music/dance instructor this year LOVES IT! I dedicate this blog to her: Rachel.

YOU KNOW you wanna get up and dance with this guy! …and lip sync the song!

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