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Check out these clips from my speaker friend Tammy Whitehurst…She’s a HOOT!


Want to see more?  Find Tammy on Facebook and YouTube!

ONLY GOD can do stuff like that!

I was asked to pray for a specific thing by a friend the other day.  I got down on my knees and asked God to help her, give her calm and to provide whatever He can to make her at peace with the situation.  Little, and let me stress LITTLE did I know that what He would provide would be bigger and better than anything I could imagine.

My friend Tammy who I’ve written about on here before is a Christian motivational speaker.  She had been asked to speak at a funeral of a very dear friend–one of those “inner-circle” friends.  This friend had battled cancer and had planned on Tammy and the other friends in their circle to help with arrangements.

The prayer I prayed for Tammy was calling to God about somehow making it possible for her to speak at that funeral even though she was previously booked to speak out of town.  There were just a handful of people who knew about this dilemma and we were all praying.  There is no way the prayer warriors could see what was coming.  And there is no way any of us can explain it or rationalize it… we can only be in awe of what happened…

Here’s the message I received from Tammy about the solution:

A man contacted me today. He has a private jet. His wife has cancer. He has hired a pilot to fly me to Abilene in his private jet as soon as funeral is over. Only God can do stuff like that. Only God can make the impossible possible. It will only be me and the pilot on the plane. He said to me….no charge. Just keep helping people.  …

It’s exactly what she said: ONLY GOD can do…THAT!

This man listened to God, because that is WHO told him to offer his help.  This is not a person for his own glory …this is a man who wants to see GOD glorified by doing great things.  Wow.

“Wow,” is what I just keep saying over and over about this.  I was honored to be able to pray for this situation and humbled by the amazingness, total awesomeness that came together.  My puny little brain could never imagine… a private jet!?!

This is GOD showing up and there is nothing else you can say to explain this.  ONLY GOD CAN DO STUFF LIKE THAT!

Just try and tell me there’s no God…  HA!  Not buyin’ it.  There is a GOD and HE is awesome… and He has more plans and solutions than we could ever imagine.  Awesome.

ONLY GOD can do stuff like that!

Leaving with a song Tammy shared with me that she said she kept singing… (it’s so true!)


Wow…today was one of those “YES!” days.

I started it with a little skepticism.  I was getting ready while thinking– do I really want to go to this last session of this conference?  We could get on the road early and be home with our kiddos early.  The speaker who was to be the keynote  was one I had heard several times before.  I was certain I’d hear some of the same stories and get the similar message.  Somehow I pushed through those thoughts of “skipping” and headed downstairs to the meeting room.  I thought, perhaps, I would see my friends and then maybe cut out a little early.  I was still in the “ify” mood and not really hyped about hearing Bob Tryanski again.  Nothing against him at all, he’s really a great speaker and what seems to be a great guy, but I was really just using him as an excuse to maybe leave a bit earlier.

After finding a few friends, getting settled in my comfortable seat and chit chatting with many different smiley people, I was still thinking maybe I’d leave early.  One of my friends had to catch their ride out of town and left after breakfast.  I saw a few others cut out here and there.  I still sat there.  I listened to some funny stories from 6th Street (Austin’s party street) adventures, talked about how some people  have this weird memory for smells which I’m totally blessed or cursed with AND drank about three cups of the strongest coffee I believe I’ve ever allowed touch my white teeth.  Haha!

So, I stayed.  I heard myself sigh a little when Bob sat up by the stage.  It wasn’t audible, just one of those brain-eye rolls, really.  I was ready to hear about his student council experience for the third (or maybe it would have been fourth) time.  I actually hear him say smething along these lines:  I’m not hear to tell you about my student council experience again.  I’m sure most all of you have heard that story. ***I was like WOW!  He knew what I was thinking!*** He also says something like this: I’m not here to talk about those “anectdotes” …I’m here to talk about stories.  He went on about how we should use our stories to help other live their stories.  Telling stories should not be a monologue, but a dialogue.  It should be a two way street.  Take your personal experiences and invite others into your story.  

The connection and relatability of our stories should increase the experience of us telling them while allowing others to take a part in the story.

Help others feel more at ease with telling their story by always sharing yours, but you have to keep in mind that your story needs to paint a pictures by using what your experience looked, smelled and felt like.

I was so intrigued by his entire presentation.  I’m so glad I stayed!  I’m so glad God planted me in that seat and didn’t let me pack up and go.  I loved the entire conference, but today, by far, was the best presentation and one, I feel Bob (God really) created just for me.

A few weeks ago when I talked at a local church, I told the group of ladies that I was a big story teller.  I told them about how I love God and the way He blesses me continuously by telling the stories He placed on my heart.  My stories are experiences and not just about the Bible or my church events, but my life and how He has used me in so many ways in various events and circumstances AND HOW EXCITING it is to think of all the ways He is going to use me in the future.  I believe the ability of telling stories He has given me is an awesome way I can share Him.

I love telling stories like the LAWNMOWER Incident, The Miracle of Childbirth,  The Adventures of Super Goat and the Crazy Art Teacher Manure Story –just to name a few.   Today, listening to the stories Bob introduced to us, makes me want to do all I can to tell my stories–better.  This blog, I know, has helped me do that in writing, but I hope I can become a better on-the-spot story teller especially to the young people in my life.  I hope they can learn from my experiences and remember some of the important things I might utter while telling some crazy, silly or inspirational story.

I was so blessed to listen to Bob today.  I’m super duper blessed to have GOD as my ultimate story creator.  Like one of the stories talked about today–He sent his son into this world as a BABE…in a manger.  What a story!!!


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This story teller pic reminds me of my 5th grade teacher when she would read to us and tell us stories.  She was great!  I was so honored to have her in attendance at the church-talk I mentioned in my blog above.  



ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!!!  I am getting more excited by the minute about this great event for our LORD!  I created this program and thought I’d give my blog-followers a preview.  Please pray for our event.  Pray that the women who attend get the refreshing news of God and we have a super time just praising Him.  SOOO EXCITED!!!

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