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Bless, encourage, help and LOVE.

What do you with your time?

Are you out to bless?

OR out to curse?

Are you out for others or only out for the benefit of yourself?

I ask myself this.  I have to adjust my thinking sometimes. I have to reconnect with reality and remember why we are put here.  God put us here to bless, live for others and share what we know about HIM.

I attended a SPARKLE Dinner tonight which is an event that my friend Tammy Whitehurst organizes.  She has this mission to help and encourage those who struggle.  She is such a blessing, because she knows what we are to do with our time.

The main focus with these dinners she puts together are to lift up those battling cancer.

As the speaker, Nathan Mathias, said tonight though–we all may not have CANCER, but we all have some type of struggle.

It could be anything.  We all struggle.  Everyone around you struggles with SOMETHING.

Nathan struggled with cancer with several months.  After battling, he is now cancer free.  This is not only awesome for him, but also his family and the numerous prayer warriors that feel the absolute victory with him.  It is a blessing when someone is cured and you see that they give all the glory to GOD.  Nathan truly lives out James 1:2–

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,

He counts his struggles to all be JOY in our Lord.

And read on in verse 3…

because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

Nathan will persevere, because he has been through the trials.  We all go through our trials, but Nathan faced his with GOD at all times.  We all need to remember this.

Nathan is going to use his story to help others.  He is going to use the strength he received through Jesus to encourage others to do the same.  He know what to do with his time.

Another man, Steve Denfeld, spoke tonight about his mission…to LOVE others.  He is a fireman that heads up the Pink Heals of Gregg County.  (please go check out thier page)  I was moved by the emotion he showed as he talked about just being able to show love for those in need.  He talked about how this organization is all about LOVE and not just about a cause.  They look at people in need and just love on them.  It was so great to hear about this organization.  This guy really knows what to do with his time.  LOVE!

I pray that I always do what I’m supposed to do with my time.

Bless, encourage, help and LOVE.


Psalm 34:8

Genesis 16: 13-14

John 20:19

Col. 3:15

These are the four verses I had written down on a piece of notebook paper today.  Only what you see there.  I didn’t have what they said, just the address to find them in the Bible.  I stared at these several times as I gave a state test today to a few students.  These four verses are from the Jesus Calling book that was on the teacher’s desk.  ( I was in a different room than my usual.)  There was no Bible in sight and I, of course, could not use a phone or a computer.  Reading of any kind is really discouraged as well.  You could say, proctoring a test is a little worse than prison.  At least you can read the Bible there!  I know, that’s really not a good joke.  I’m sorry.  Let’s just say: state testing is a huge deal in Texas.  Teachers are to stare down the kids and make certain they do nothing that would resemble cheating in any way.  I understand that and do my duty.

So, there I was, watching students, counting my steps around the room ( I stopped counting at 1500, but certain I did about 3 or 4 hundred more) and wishing I had a BIBLE.  I read LATER when I googled it that if I had gone over 2000 steps, that would equal to about a mile.  I’m certain I went a mile or 5 today.  Besides keeping up with my steps, I realized that I long for God’s word.  I wanted to see what those verses were!  I have been working to memorize verses, but I don’t do so well with numbers.  I strained my brain trying to figure out if I’d written those down before–I’m sure I’ve read them at some point.  The boredom of the morning made my brain very unresponsive to coughing up answers.  I think that is when I really started counting my steps.

Then I thought WHAT IF…What if I was like one of those tribes you hear about who have never seen a Bible or much less know what something like John 3:16 even refers to.  What hope would I have!?  I would have no CONSTANT FRIEND –sure, I have earthly Godly friends, but they are not with me 24/7!  What would I do without my ENCOURAGER, STRENGTH GIVER and CONSTANT HELP?  I’d be a mess, that’s what I’d be!  Id’ have no key, no compass–no direction.  There would be no purpose in the things I do.

How do humans do it without GOD?  A lot believe there is some “god” out there, but they don’t believe in the GOD ALMIGHTY and certainly don’t see Him as sovereign or take His word to be truth.  How do they live without being in constant chaos and fear?  OR do they “live” at all?  CHECK IT:

Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. -John 3:18

They ARE already dead!  How awful!  They are like the walking dead, but without the zombie like features.  So, they are like “pretty”  zombies, I guess.  HA!

I don’t want to be any kind of zombie–undead creature.  I want to be a born again, living to the fullness of God’s LOVE and JOY and PEACE.   Give me Jesus!  Give me LIFE!  GIVE ME A BIBLE! 

I’m going to go look up those verses now!


Clinging to this…


I have to remember that GOD is always with me.

HE has all I need.

HE is my strength!

He can do ANYTHING.

…and with GOD anything is possible!





When people ask you how you made it through a situation, created something awesome or how you accomplished some great feat…

Why do they NOT believe you when you answer them with “Prayer.”

God allows me to create great art.  He guides me to do wonderful things.  HE gives me the strength to finish tasks that there is no way in this world I could ever do alone.

Maybe you think you are sooooooo awesome and can do everything on your own, but me, I know GOD is my strength.  HE is the one that makes me awesome.  I cannot be awesome on my own!  He is my POWER.  HE is always there for whatever I need.  He is who provides me with my positive attitude.  He takes care of my family.

It’s not “luck.”  It’s not coincidence.  IT’S GOD!!!

PRAYER is how I constantly converse with my God.  Prayer is how I talk with Him and praise Him privately (or outwardly).  Prayer with my real God comforts me and diminishes my fears.  Prayer is HOW I DO IT.  I am in communication with God who allows me to …

make it through a situation, create something awesome or accomplish some great feat.

I’m serious.  It’s true.  It is PRAYER.

Thank You, Lord, for allowing us to go straight to YOU!

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