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I’m so proud to be a REBEL.


So proud of THE REBELS–all of them–not just one kid…not just one team…all of them. So honored and blessed to work at OCHS. If you look back, my posts, WIN OR LOSE, say good things about our students. I’m always a fan, always a REBEL. #RebelPride #SchoolSpirit #Forever

I’ve been a Rebel since about 1976 when I first stepped into Mrs. Lynn’s class.  She was so intimidating and scary.  She taught me though.  I learned.  I eventually realized even though she was very strict, she loved us.  That is what a teacher does.  They love.

Here I am many, many, many years later teaching at the same school I graduated from.  Through those years, I was a rebel in so many different ways, but always a loyal Rebel even when I taught at a different school with a much different mascot.

There have been several students come through my classroom here at OCHS.  They come in all different shapes, sizes, learning abilities, strengths, weaknesses, talents, attitudes, character, and so on.  Some, actually most, have insecurities I recall having when I was their age.  Others have strong opinions about events, other students and classes they take–and they don’t mind voicing them.  I remember being that exact same way as well.  ((I know yesterday’s post was a little negative about the strong talkers, but I know I was once right there–“wasting my time.”))

However they come, I love them.  I support them.  I hope to teach them more than what the class is called.   I hope to show them things about life that if not understood now, perhaps, one day they will remember.

Our football team is on a major winning streak right now.  If you know anything about Texas football, you know that is a big deal.  Win or lose, though…I’m proud of all of our students who are involved at our school –from the player to the fan, the athlete to the scholar.  They are all important.  Period.

…and no matter what…

I’m so proud to be a REBEL. 


TO ALL THE TEACHERS:  Please watch the video and think…you may be teaching A FUTURE FAMOUS FAILURE!  Watch what you say to your students!  We are supposed to encourage, support and build up!  ((NOT the opposite))

To all of you who are not teachers, this video may be SHOCKING!






Everyone needs to have a CHAMPION in order to FEEL LIKE A CHAMPION.

Tonight, our family met some great friends of ours at Morris Twin Cinema  to watch TURBO.  Without giving anything away about the movie, I really summed up the idea of it in my first sentence up there.

We all want someone and most of the time CERTAIN SOMEONES to really believe in us.  We want them to be our CHAMPION.  We want them to push us and encourage us, but especially believe in us and HELP US feel like the CHAMPION we need to be.  This movie was such a cute story about exactly that.  It’s important that we have people around us (or snails…haha…watch the movie, Boo) who BELIEVE WE WILL SUCCEED.  If I do nothing else in this life, I sure hope I do that with my students and most especially with my own children.

I have heard and seen so many people that do the complete opposite.  Obviously, there is something in their lives that makes them like that: bitterness and ugliness, but I describe it (and have several times in these daily blogs) as evil-ness.  It’s evil, of the devil –it only furthers his agenda for the human race and NOT what GOD WANTS FOR US.  God wants success for us, He wants us to know we can be CHAMPIONS of this world!  YOU CAN HELP CREATE MORE CHAMPIONS BY ENCOURAGING, PUSHING, SUPPORTING AND CHEERING on others when they just need a little shot of “YES YOU CAN!”

This week in our profession development, we took the good with the bad, but one of the GREATs was when our boss showed us a couple of videos that were geared to help us think about our true jobs and remind us what we really are in the business of doing: BEING OUR STUDENTS’ CHAMPION.  I discovered this video this summer and posted it to facebook and twitter, but I don’t think I did it on here–not sure, but either way, it’s a good one to watch (and/or post) more than once or twice…

My boss used this on his blog today too.

You can check him out here: THE WRIGHT STUFF.

WHO has got your back?

BACKBUMMED!  Overwhelmed.  Shaken.  STRESSED!  Burdened.  AGGRAVATED!  Confused.  Sad.  Bewildered.

We’ve all felt those things.  Sometimes more than a couple at the same time.  Sometimes ALL OF THEM all together.  Those are the days you want to crawl in a corner, assume the fetal position and maybe even suck your thumb.

I can’t stand those times!  Why must we  have those down and out times?  I think, seriously, for me, it is hormonal sometimes!  Women really are crazy and I’m one of those so I kind of have an excuse.  haha!  I joke, of course.  Maybe.  Anyway, why do we have to have these low valleys of life?  At times, we even feel alone and as if we have no one that knows what we are going through AND that we can’t do anything right.  I believe we go through times like these so we can rely on God.  We should thank God at all times, but you know that when things are smooth sailin’ we forget to get on our knees.  We have to be brought to our knees (or fetal positions) to remember we can’t do this alone.

God has shown me so many things here lately.  He has shown me this in situations, events and especially through people in my life.  I have needed support and to be reminded that I AM doing something right.  He has rallied people around me.  He has used them to help me.  I love it!  I love seeing and knowing that He uses them especially for me.  That sounds a little conceited, I know, but I could not have made it through some of the craziness that happens if it weren’t for the people God specifically places in my life.  His timing is perfect–He is perfect!

I thank God for the support He gives me.  I thank God for the love He shows me.  I thank God for the peace that comes in knowing that HE HAS GOT MY BACK!

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