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As I turned the corner in my dining room and looked back at the washroom where I had left the sink on…


I had started cleaning the house yesterday with such a bad attitude.  I sat down and recoop’ed and even wrote a blog to remind myself that everything is a blessing–EVEN cleaning the house.

When I saw the inch or two deep water slowly seeping toward me, I almost let that bad attitude resurface.  I thought, “WHYYYYY!!!”  …and might of even said it outloud.  I can’t remember.  I don’t even remember turning on the sink.  I remember putting my mop in the sink and then going to the vacuum.  When did I turn on the sink!?!  Well, no matter when I did it, I did and it had been a while since I had.  The entire washroom was flooded and if I had not turned that corner when I did, much more of the house would have been too.

I wiped my tears and sucked up my attitude and grabbed every towel in our house.  I got the cyclone fan out of the back and began pulling rugs and whatever else was on the floor out to the garage.  BUT MOSTLY, I talked to GOD.  I asked Him how I could be so stupid and why did this happen.  I was thinking He would tell me this is what I deserve for the funky attitude I had earlier.  He just said, and I promise, HE put this in my head…

“You were in a hurry and trying to rush so you could get it all done.  You were thinking about that list of things you wanted to accomplish.  You were not thinking about turning on that sink when you did, because in your mind, you were already walking toward the vacuum. Slow down.”

HOW MANY TIMES DO WE DO THAT!?!  …rush …rush…RUSH!  Always in a hurry to be in a hurry.  Always busy.

SLOW DOWN!  Stop.  Life is too short to be flooded.  We flood our lives with things we don’t need and get in such a fast pace that we forget the good stuff.  We are worried about clean floors and made beds when we should be more concerned with telling others they matter and showing people we love, we love them.

I know this might sound like a crazy analogy to cleaning the house…but every circumstance can teach us SOMETHING.

Two hours later, after my floor was SUPER CLEAN and almost all the towels were washed again… My floor wasn’t flooded anymore and—

I wasn’t flooded anymore.

I WAS EXHAUSTED!  …but not flooded.  Don’t be flooded.


Yes, I’m addicted to TEDtalks.

TEDtalk I want to share today. Inspirational.

Sound right…people listen.

I listened to TEDtalks on my 3 mile walk this morning. YES, I WALKED THREE MILES! YAY!
Below is the talk I enjoyed the most. We have such POWER with our words. This guy makes some awesome points. You want people to listen??? Want to spread sunshine and lightness in the world? I DO!



I’m posting this since I actually observed this today. What people say matters–especially when they think NO one is listening and it turns out someone is!

You might be a “dumbo” if…


((So, before you read below, just beware–this may be the MEANESS blog I ever write.))



(and I’m not talking about the cute little elephant from Disney)

You like to talk about how awesome you are, because you really aren’t.

You try and make others look inferior by making fun of anything and everything you can when you are around them.

You point at people and laugh.

You try and make others think you are great by telling them about how un-great others are.

You make things up in your head and BELIEVE them AND THEN tell others like it’s truth. (oh so dumb!)

You believe that things that are wrong are really right, because “everyone does it.”

You enjoy talking, trashing and making things up about anyone–you don’t discriminate–everyone is your target.

You wonder why people don’t like you, because you are so popular and talk to everyone about everyone.

You are sooooooooooo smart, because you have an answer for EVERYTHING even though it may not be a truthful answer. (just admit you don’t know!!!)


Ok, I’m done.  I just had to get that out there!

Much love and peace to all today–EVEN TO THE DUMBOS!!!  God bless ya!

Powerfully Positive Words!

Words are so powerful!  I have seen them build up and encourage or put down and make a great day into “doomsday.”  Everyone has seen this or been the recipient of it OR done it themselves.  It’s what we do.  We use our mouths to communicate whatever is on our mind.  Sometimes it comes out like pure sweet sugar and other times like soupy stanky diarrhea.  What do you do with your words?  Do you think before they come out of your head?  Do you sometimes wish you could suck them back in!?  Who hasn’t been there!

Have you done service for the devil with the words you’ve used in the past?  This makes me cringe.  How horrible!  In the Bible, it warns us over and over about how we should watch our words.  It tells us to be good listeners…

“should be quick to listen and slow to speak.” (James 1:19)  Read more:  What Does the Bible Say About Listening?

Ohhhh and how about this one:

He who answers before listening–that is his folly and  his shame.” (Proverbs 18:13)

and one more:  For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned. -Matthew 12:37

Somedays we use our words to put ourselves down.  Have you ever called yourself “fat?”  Oh the horrible “F” word!  Think about this–when you use derrogatory words to describe yourself, you are just telling God that He didn’t do a good job.  YOU ARE REMARKABLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!  It says that in the Bible too. ((Psalm 139:14)  Do not put yourself down.  There are plenty people of the world that might do that for you.  You do not need to be one of those.  Use your words for compliments and happy 🙂 comments.

Another thing we use our words for is gossip.  OHHHHHHHH, the ugly UNtruth!  It’s ugly and vile and totally of the devil.  Wow, I’ve mentioned the devil twice in this post.  Gag!  But really, he’s a liar and loves when we lie.  Don’t do things that please him.  Look toward the truth–OUR GOD!

Look to God and focus on HIM and He will guard your words.  He will help you use the right words.  He will calm you when you want to scream. He will guide you to use those “happy” words instead of those “funky” ones.   Make your words POWERFUL IN A POSITIVE WAY!

Powerfully POSITIVE words are the best!

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