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Learning, OH BOY, my FAVORITE!

Yes, once again I’m here to blog about LEARNING!  (YAY!!!)

It was a great day of learning for this gal today.

I was blessed to be part of our presentation group AS WELL AS being able to attend other sessions at the workshop today.

This is the design on the shirt we received for being presenters:


I  attended two sessions by Terry Carlile   (@youthservices  He had some great ideas for my leadership class especially.  Also, he had a session on how to cope with stress.  Both of those were really great MOSTLY because he is an upbeat happy kind of guy.  I love people who LIKE to smile and don’t smile just because they think they have to.

Another session I attended was done by two gals that were very knowledgeable in developing your PLN (personal learning network). They had some great ideas!  You can follow them on twitter if you want to learn more about PLNs or technology education: @twfelty and @jdavis43.

The last session was an ART PROJECT!  Besides learning about fun technology stuff and more about connecting with other professionals, I GOT TO CREATE ART!  It was a fun first day of school project that I will definitely be using this coming school year.  You can check out her Artsonia pages here:  Artsonia is a great website which allows you to post student artwork.  It has the mother load of artwork, lesson and products–from around THE WORLD–all student work!

It’s been a great day of LEARNING.  I can’t wait until tomorrow which will be mostly filled with presenting our session, but I know even though I’m helping with the presentation –I will still be soaking something up!



Will you have the chance to  look someone in the eye to see what emotion they are really feeling?  Can you have a face to face conversation?  How about a handshake?  What about a hug? A kiss?  These are HUMAN interactions that may seem to be out of style, old school or even impossible to do these days.  

Let me say first off, I do not have a tech-phobia.  I am not a proponent of no cell phones, computers or televisions even.  I work at a school that has a Bring Your Own Device (or technology) policy and love it!  I do see the need, though, for us to hold on to the all important REAL-HUMAN-INTERACTION without the support of such things.  

We need to giggle with each other.  We need to listen to one another.  We need to have fun in each other’s company without staring at a screen or even answering a call.  Some of us are so addicted to all of our “techy” devices.  I admit, when my phone, buzzes, beeps or sings, I have the anxiety of reaching for it.  I find it exciting to hear it’s beckon and then comforting to check the call.  I get that.  I know the feeling of it’s draw.  I really enjoy reading blogs and finding great articles via twitter.  I am not saying I am up on all technological devices, social media, etc., but I’m willing to learn anything.  These things excite me, but they should never take the place of a friend or steal time from a family member.

So, here is what I’m saying —from a gal who understands the “need” we have for technology–we have to keep in mind that we still need each other’s attention.  We need to be face to face.  We should get to know each other using traditional ways as well as the new ways.  Don’t get so caught up in looking at that bright light that illuminates from an ipod, ipad, computer, etc. screen—think about the light that illuminates from a human eye, a bright smile or a kind word.  Let’s not give up on those things AND let’s make certain we teach our children this!  While technology is here to help us all communicate more often and easier, remember that we don’t want to hide behind technology.  




So, I’m about to go on an adventure tomorrow–the TEXAS ART EDUCATION ASSOCIATION State Conference.  I can’t wait to pour new information into my head!  I love to learn.  I think I’ve said this before.

I’m so excited about learning new stuff that I might not be able to go to sleep for a while.  I know that may sound dumb to you, but I do get so wound up about the opportunities to put more wrinkles in this ole brain. 

I learned new stuff today thanks to my boss who likes to help us teachers by providing tools for our classroom.  He showed me an app today that will help me share all the pictures I take at this conference I’m going to.  So cool! 

Click on the picture above and go check out the TAEA website.  There is so much art on the site that is all STUDENT CREATED.  Creativity at its best!  

More to come on ART INFO!

Twitter *tweet*tweet*

Twitter has sucked me in!  I get on there to find articles almost everyday.  There is so much information contained on this social network that sometimes I feel as if there is no more room to put it.  I have learned so many things from just browsing and bouncing from one person to the next.   Besides individuals, there are companies and organizations which have Twitter accounts.  I never thought I’d really want to “TWEET,” but I find it awesome to be able to help others and point them to things that I have found or made up myself (vary rare! haha!).  It’s a great way to collaborate and team up with other professionals no matter what your profession.  I’ve found so many different things in just the few times I looked at the site today.  I’ve had others send me some awesome stuff.  I’ve used one of my accounts to tweet announcements for this week.  I’m telling you, if you hesitate when someone asks if you are on Twitter, don’t.  Get on there!  Broaden your mind and stuff some new and fun info between your ears.  Information, I know, is sometimes overwhelming, but all you have to do is stop reading if you are feeling like you have reached your limit.   If you want to know something about anything, though, try Twitter!



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