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Blue Bell and JESUS

Here in Texas, we love our BLUE BELL.  We like sweet tea, talking about how hot the weather is going to get, Bar-B-Q and Blue Bell.  We talk about football, how the team will be this year and discuss the date we believe Blue Bell will return.

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Blackberry Cobbler, Rocky Road…

Whatever the fave may be, Blue Bell is the choice around here.

One of my friends said today, “If you are really wanting ice cream, any of it’s good.”   To most Blue Bell Addicts, that would be fightin’ words.  That would be the beginning of a major debate.

I do like ice cream, but as my friend said, if you are wanting it, almost any of it will satisfy you.  We like to be obsessed about so many things in this world.  I’m not trying to dis Blue Bell.  I do like Blue Bell.  I do!

My observation today is just this: ICE CREAM is good.  This life is good, but we as crazy humans have to find something to talk about.  Blue Bell has been a current event for several months now.  It’s been in the news, on the radio and the topic of several conversations all over Texas and beyond for a while now.

Why aren’t we so quick to talk to people about what Jesus has done for us?  Why not share GOD stories just as quick as we start small talk about a brand of ice cream?  Isn’t HE just as sweet as ice cream?

As most all of my blogs go…I’m talking to myself!  Why don’t I share Jesus MORE?  I want to tell people about the crazy awesome stuff that happens in my life, because I know my God is real.  I do!  I want to be able to talk to others just as easy about HIS return as I am about the return of Blue Bell.  You never know which will be first!

Don’t ask yourself when Blue Bell is coming… Ask yourself are you ready when JESUS comes?

I hope the second question is much easier to answer than the first one.


I’m so proud to be a REBEL.


So proud of THE REBELS–all of them–not just one kid…not just one team…all of them. So honored and blessed to work at OCHS. If you look back, my posts, WIN OR LOSE, say good things about our students. I’m always a fan, always a REBEL. #RebelPride #SchoolSpirit #Forever

I’ve been a Rebel since about 1976 when I first stepped into Mrs. Lynn’s class.  She was so intimidating and scary.  She taught me though.  I learned.  I eventually realized even though she was very strict, she loved us.  That is what a teacher does.  They love.

Here I am many, many, many years later teaching at the same school I graduated from.  Through those years, I was a rebel in so many different ways, but always a loyal Rebel even when I taught at a different school with a much different mascot.

There have been several students come through my classroom here at OCHS.  They come in all different shapes, sizes, learning abilities, strengths, weaknesses, talents, attitudes, character, and so on.  Some, actually most, have insecurities I recall having when I was their age.  Others have strong opinions about events, other students and classes they take–and they don’t mind voicing them.  I remember being that exact same way as well.  ((I know yesterday’s post was a little negative about the strong talkers, but I know I was once right there–“wasting my time.”))

However they come, I love them.  I support them.  I hope to teach them more than what the class is called.   I hope to show them things about life that if not understood now, perhaps, one day they will remember.

Our football team is on a major winning streak right now.  If you know anything about Texas football, you know that is a big deal.  Win or lose, though…I’m proud of all of our students who are involved at our school –from the player to the fan, the athlete to the scholar.  They are all important.  Period.

…and no matter what…

I’m so proud to be a REBEL. 


Psalm 34:8

Genesis 16: 13-14

John 20:19

Col. 3:15

These are the four verses I had written down on a piece of notebook paper today.  Only what you see there.  I didn’t have what they said, just the address to find them in the Bible.  I stared at these several times as I gave a state test today to a few students.  These four verses are from the Jesus Calling book that was on the teacher’s desk.  ( I was in a different room than my usual.)  There was no Bible in sight and I, of course, could not use a phone or a computer.  Reading of any kind is really discouraged as well.  You could say, proctoring a test is a little worse than prison.  At least you can read the Bible there!  I know, that’s really not a good joke.  I’m sorry.  Let’s just say: state testing is a huge deal in Texas.  Teachers are to stare down the kids and make certain they do nothing that would resemble cheating in any way.  I understand that and do my duty.

So, there I was, watching students, counting my steps around the room ( I stopped counting at 1500, but certain I did about 3 or 4 hundred more) and wishing I had a BIBLE.  I read LATER when I googled it that if I had gone over 2000 steps, that would equal to about a mile.  I’m certain I went a mile or 5 today.  Besides keeping up with my steps, I realized that I long for God’s word.  I wanted to see what those verses were!  I have been working to memorize verses, but I don’t do so well with numbers.  I strained my brain trying to figure out if I’d written those down before–I’m sure I’ve read them at some point.  The boredom of the morning made my brain very unresponsive to coughing up answers.  I think that is when I really started counting my steps.

Then I thought WHAT IF…What if I was like one of those tribes you hear about who have never seen a Bible or much less know what something like John 3:16 even refers to.  What hope would I have!?  I would have no CONSTANT FRIEND –sure, I have earthly Godly friends, but they are not with me 24/7!  What would I do without my ENCOURAGER, STRENGTH GIVER and CONSTANT HELP?  I’d be a mess, that’s what I’d be!  Id’ have no key, no compass–no direction.  There would be no purpose in the things I do.

How do humans do it without GOD?  A lot believe there is some “god” out there, but they don’t believe in the GOD ALMIGHTY and certainly don’t see Him as sovereign or take His word to be truth.  How do they live without being in constant chaos and fear?  OR do they “live” at all?  CHECK IT:

Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. -John 3:18

They ARE already dead!  How awful!  They are like the walking dead, but without the zombie like features.  So, they are like “pretty”  zombies, I guess.  HA!

I don’t want to be any kind of zombie–undead creature.  I want to be a born again, living to the fullness of God’s LOVE and JOY and PEACE.   Give me Jesus!  Give me LIFE!  GIVE ME A BIBLE! 

I’m going to go look up those verses now!



downloadTexas is so hot.

I thank God for the wonderful invention of AIR CONDITIONING.

Yes, thank you Lord!

When you hit the door to go out, the hot air hits your face like a punch in the face.

We get up and go walk on the school track a little after five …IT’S EVEN HOT THEN!

Texas is so hot!

I wore flip flops across asphalt at a local convenient store and actually felt like I was on a frying pan!

Someone told me today they baked biscuits outside.

Eggs, I’m sure would fry on the sidewalk.

The inside of our vehicles are unbearable and trying to buckle the seat belt is like playing hot potato.

I feel for all of the athletes practicing and playing in this heat.

I really love the sun, I really do.  It’s just sooooooooooo hot in Texas here lately!



Did I tell you that it is hot?



Is Bigfoot for real? 

Veterinarian Melba S. Ketchum says after a five-year study of more than 100 DNA samples, she is sure they come from the elusive hairy man-like thing. Wow.  Really?

I’m pretty sure I saw THE SASQUATCH in Walmart one time.  It was the hairiest man I’d ever laid eyes on. I thought the word sasquatch was just made up in order to describe super hairy dudes!  I had no idea they were REALLY FOR REAL looking for this thing.  I mean, I know people have passions and go in search of all kinds of things, but a large hairy human like (???) beast?  It gives me the willies thinking about it.

A plus to this little story is that this team of Bigfoot-Provers are right here in TEXAS.   Here is a little exerpt from WEIRD NEWS on

Under Ketchum’s direction at DNA Diagnostics in Nacogdoches, Texas, a team of researchers has concluded that the creature may be a human relative that somehow developed around 15,000 years ago as a result of a hybrid cross between Homo sapiens with an unknown primate.

I’m not sure what to really say about that?  Not even really sure why I blogged about this today.  It’s just one of those things that make you go, “HMMMMMM??”

Remember the Alamo!

Do you see me???



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