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I thank YOU

We got to see the Kingdom Heirs last week at Dollywood.  They were seriously my favorite.  Here is the song I absolutely fell in love.  It perfectly lists things I’m so thankful for!


For the times YOU kept me safe and sound…

For drying my tears…

Keeping me steady…


For peace like a river…


setting me free…

supplying my need…

I thank YOU



if all you want is a pat on the back!

Do you EXPECT a thank you?

LONG FOR a pat on the back?

Do you think about all the people who will love you for the good deeds you do?


Don’t get stuck in the rut where you have to do good in this world JUST SO others will see it and tell you YOU are great.

You are just a vessel.  You are ABLE to do good things ONLY BECAUSE GOD allows you to.  He gives you your breath, your strength, your life.  All the things you do for others should be for the glory of God– not for your glory!

I get so frustrated at times, because I believe I do so much and am so under appreciated.  How dare I think I’m SUPPOSED to be glorified for the things I do for anyone or any cause!!!  I’m so stupid when I get down about things like this.  Although they make me feel great, I don’t need pats on the back or thank yous.  I am supposed to do what I do, because God called me to help others, lift others up and to direct attention to HIS sovereignty!

The end.



200 +


Last night, I noticed I only needed one more follower on this crazy blog of mine to hit 200.   AND OVER NIGHT—I hit and exceeded that #!  Yay!!!

I have been blogging since July 11, 2012 and for the most part have kept it a *POSTADAY* blog.  Not that I’m trying to brag at all here. All I want to do is THANK all of you followers for finding something you want to actually look at  in this “crazy, weird, Unique!” Bloggity.

I know I get a little crazy sometimes–I warn you at the top!  Sometimes my views are a bit weird–that is what I’m pretty much always going for!  As for unique, I believe WEIRD and UNIQUE go hand in hand–one is looked at by this world as a more negative and the other in a more positive light.  To me, they mean basically the same thing and I feel honored to be referred to as either whether it be in reference to an artwork, my view on life or especially for my belief in my real, alive, soul saving, sin crushing, almighty GOD!

Thank you AGAIN for finding something interesting here and allowing me to share.  I love to learn, reflect and SHARE!

200 +  …WOO HOO!!!


Thank You God and Bobby Lee

I’m sitting here thinking about how blessed I am. Our home is well furnished and at a lovely temperature at all times. We have running water and food. We are super blessed, actually. God provides for us continuously and there are times we take advantage of it all. Without His provisions, we wouldn’t be this fortunate. A lot of people look at it like they do it. They believe they make the money, they breathe the “free” air and they credit it all to themselves. Ok, think what you want, but without the amazing things that God created, we wouldn’t be as comfortable as we are.

So, I am sitting here thinking after having about an hour of just being here by myself. I thank God for all the things he blesses us with– and then I started thinking about this time here that was given to me. My husband took one of our kiddos to his baseball game and my other sweet one is on a trip with the school. I was left here to cook dinner–one of the things I LOVE to do–and just chill. I’ve listened to music –some awesome music. I’ve had a visitor, answered some emails and text messages, but most of all I have just praised God for all this stuff. I believe times like this are important to our lives. We must take time to reflect and appreciate. I so appreciate my Bobby Lee for making it easy to take this much needed break from just everything else. I thank God for giving me him as a husband. He loves God and loves us. For that, we are MOST blessed. I don’t know who or what I’d be without the Lord’s guidance and Bobby’s leadership. So, again, I must say, I thank God and Bobby Lee, I appreciate all the things I’ve mentioned prior and GOD KNOWS the list goes on…

a BIG thank you!

THANK YOUIt’s so important to say THANK YOU!  I know I’ve written on this before.  That just means I think it’s REALLY important.  I like to show my appreciation.  It’s something that we should all take pleasure in.   We know people who don’t enjoy it and more times than not their faces are adorned with frowns and their disposition is much less than desirable.  Anyway!  I digress.  APPRECIATION–it’s important.

I want to THANK YOU for reading my blog.  I want to THANK YOU for following my blog.  Yesterday, my follower number hit 100!  I’m so thankful to all of you who have taken that small step and decided to follow this crazy bloggity blog of mine.  Thank you, I appreciate it!  I hope I can continue each day by helping ya think, reflect and perhaps inspire you a little bit.

Would like to leave you with some thank you quotes:

Saying thank you is more than good manners.  It is good spirituality.  ~Alfred Painter

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.  ~G.K. Chesterton

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.  ~Oscar Wilde

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.  ~Author Unknown

THANK YOU!  -Rita 🙂





THE GIVING TREE was one of my favorite books when I was younger. I think I liked it just because it was simple and I remember one of the teachers (whom I loved) read it to my class. I really loved when teachers read to the class. Does that even happen anymore? Anyway! I’m getting off focus here. Looking at it now, this book by Shel Silverstein is really a sad story of one taking advantage of another. The tree is all used up, but that is what the tree wanted— to give all it could throughout this boy’s life—and the boy takes it! The boy never really appreciates the tree in the story, he just took what it had for him.

The book reminds me that we should give of ourselves like the tree, but what’s more important is that we appreciate those “trees” in our lives. Look around and find those that help you and support you no matter what. Make sure they KNOW you appreciate them. We should always be thankful. It really is just as important as GIVING.


THANK YOU!  “Thanks for giving me this coffee cup that I love using!”  That is the thought today that inspired this blog.  I know it’s important for us to show our appreciation to others.  Don’t you love when others recognize what you did as something valuable to them?!  Yes we do!  It’s almost like getting a big golden trophy!  Actually, to me, it’s better.  Those trophies gather dust, words of appreciation just fill your happy bucket!   I love to for that bucket to be OVERFLOWING!!!

“I appreciate what you do.”   “Thank you for loving me.”  “Thanks for all you organize.”  “Thanks for just smiling at me.”  Why can’t we use these sentences daily?  We can.  We just don’t sometimes.  We should.  We should let those around us know that they are important.  We should let people know that their help and support make your life easier.

There are so many ways you can send notes and information now.  I mean, check out this blog!  I can thank anyone I want to right now and then share this blog with them through their twitter or facebook account.  I can text a simple message.  I can email a letter of appreciation.  And yes, we can still handwrite a heartfelt letter or card, stuff the envelope, lick, stick the stamp on and put it in the mailbox or post office.  There are too many opportunities to miss showing others you appreciate them.

So, I’m challenging you RIGHT NOW…have a kind and appreciating heart.  Show someone right now you are so happy they helped you in some way.  If you are thinking you don’t have anyone to thank right now really, think again!  Let me give you some examples…


My husband for filling in the things in our life that I just don’t enjoy doing like paying our bills.  I would be such a grumpy person if I had to deal with those numbers.  I could go on and on about the things that he does for our family.  I think I’ll write him a personal note after this blog!

My two children who drive me crazy most all of the time, but that is the way I LOVE IT!

My Reagan who makes me laugh and think, but mostly for her love–she makes me feel so appreciated especially when I feel so UNappreciated.

My Tammy for being a personal prayer partner and someone that makes me laugh no matter what.

My Susan who makes my hair look great and serves as my psychiatrist every 4 to 5 weeks.

My Mary who, no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other, we laugh and have super fun together.

My Johnny who always smiles and hugs me and makes OCHS a great place to work.

My students, whether they want to learn that day or they are having one of those other days, I love to have in my class.

My boss, his wife and family who are just GOOD PEOPLE.  Good Christian people!

My church family for being unified and loving and always ready to help each other.

My high school art teacher–Mrs. Garrison–for being more than just an art teacher, but a mentor, character builder and friend.

My Mrs. Pearson who is the Godliest woman I know.  She’s such an example.


but I’m pretty sure you got the jest of things.  Maybe I will make my list longer tomorrow by actually sending these messages to the people I need to thank instead of posting it to my blog.  Think I’ll go start now.



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