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You seriously have NO CLUE about the potential one person has.  You don’t know.  YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

You may have a theory or a thought.  You might think you understand what the person is capable of…  You know there are those around you that you may think of as lazy or incapable.  But really…YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

EVERYONE brings something.  EVERYONE has a talent…a strength.  EVERYONE has an ability that they do much better than the people around them.  God put them there for that.

It’s just like Esther.  She was created for a purpose bigger than she could ever imagine.  In the verses below, it says, “for such a time as this,” which always reminds me that TODAY COULD BE THE DAY that God really needs me to stand somewhere, do something or share a word or two to further HIS kingdom.

“For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

-Ester 4:14

We have no idea how God is using other people.  Most of the time, we have no idea how He is using us–how could we even begin to know about someone else.  WE HAVE NO IDEA!

Don’t discount others.  Don’t think people as worthless even though their actions may make our opinions point directly to that.  Let’s remember that God put us here with specific talents, abilities and strengths. (for a time such as this)  We need to be mindful of those.  We need to ask God directly what they are occasionally.  Be in tune more with what YOU have to offer and don’t concern yourself with what others SHOULD be doing.  Pray for them.  They may need prayers to help them find their calling.  God will take care of the rest, because remember:


Words we should hear AND SAY more often…

I love you, You are awesome, you are great, thank you, please, excuse me, I was wrong, may I have this dance….

There are so many words that are nice to hear.  I love it when someone says, “You smell good.”  BUT OUT OF ALL THE WORDS IN THIS WORLD, I truly believe, we don’t express ourselves enough when it comes to these…


I know some of the phrases I listed above kind of say or mean the same thing, but don’t beat around the bush…say it like you mean it, with intent and mean exactly what you say:


I heard these words earlier in the week from my 2nd grade teacher.  She had me in class YEARS AGO (I’ve actually counted them…), but even though she hasn’t been in my daily life for many years, those words coming from her beautiful little self made my heart smile so!  I’ve thought about those words all week.  She made me feel more accomplished with that little sentence than any plaque or trophy ever could.

We NEED those words.

We need to say those words… not just think of them.

I have let those words go across the marquee of my mind so many times and not uttered them.  Why?  I’m not sure at all, but I make it my vow to voice them when I think them from now on.  I want to bless others as Mrs. Lattimore did me.  She may never know how awesome she made me feel, but I will pass that feeling forward.

I encourage you to do it too!  Tell those that you are proud of…

Say it audibly, clearly and intently, OUT-LOUD,


You don’t REALLY know.

People want to know who you are, what you do, who you are with and if you have anything to hide.

WHY?  We are all so curious!

I know in this age of social media, there is so much personal information available to us on just about anyone that there’s not much left to face to face contact. When we do actually physically see one of our “friends” on facebook (or other sm), we assume we know everything there is to know about them.  I mean, IT’S FACEBOOK OFFICIAL, right?

You never really know the whole story though.  You may think you know thanks to whoever you follow, like or read a post about… but you really don’t REALLY FOR REAL know.

I do admit, there are some people who look like they post every single aspect of their life out there for all to see, but even those are not truly open books.  I’d like to think like I’m sure others do:

“What you see is what you get.”

BUT REALLY?  No one shows you everything.  We all have things we don’t want others to know.  We have habits or ways that we don’t want to be apparent that, a lot of times, shouldn’t be, but are.  Ew.  No one REALLY wants to know you pluck your nose hairs, only wear black underwear or have to eat your food in a counter-clockwise motion.

Some of those things might seem interesting to some, but again, like above, I ask… WHY?

We are such curious people.

We THINK we know everything,

But seriously….

you don’t REALLY know. 

Something DUMB and/or Disrespectful

Isn’t it funny how people get so mad at you and will even profess to hate you when you have called them out on doing something dumb and/or disrespectful?

My note to them: Stop and think about what you did. Did you get an attitude with me when I asked you a simple question? Did you treat me like you were mad at me when you were just mad at the world? Did you curse going down the hallway and I just wouldn’t allow that to happen without pointing it out to you? Did you make fun of, put someone down or talk badly about another human and I just did not see that as a good thing to do?

I’ve had all these things happen and more AND THAT IS WHY I’M HATED BY SOME?!
Haha! Keep on hatin. I’m good with that.

Someday you will realize what you were wrong. Maybe it takes years or even a lifetime, but the light bulb will come on one day–hopefully.

I sure do wish I could tell my parents how incredibly smart they were AND how they were sooooooo right about sooo many things. (Why didn’t I do that before they passed away?! Sooo dumb.) I pray that anyone I’ve gotten upset with in the past for pointing out my stupidity forgives me.

Think, think, think and think some more the next time someone points out the fact that you are doing something dumb and/or disrespectful …try and hold your cool, assess the situation–even walk away if it’s necessary! Don’t allow that dumb action to blow up even larger by more stupidity.


I found this today and thought YAY!!! It really IS sooooooooo important!


Here’s the one I created:


If you only knew…

If you only knew your actual WORTH, you wouldn’t put down others.  If you would think before you speak, you might not spew filth.  If you would stop and look at the good in others instead of the bad, you may be able to appreciate people better.  Try to look at things through others’ eyes.  Don’t judge.  Be kind.  Show compassion. 

If you only knew what the other person was going through…

If you only knew where they came from…

If you only knew the struggles they face day to day, minute to minute…

If you only knew that YOU are a child of God and HE determines all things.  You have no right to take someone else’s joy.  You can change someone’s outlook by just the way you speak to them.  The words you say have meaning, but the tone you say them in, sometimes, has even more meaning.  Don’t be rude.  Don’t be condescending.  Don’t be sarcasitc.  Love.  Care.  Show it.

If you only knew YOUR WORTH…you would only want to help others see theirs. 

Think about it…IF YOU ONLY KNEW.

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