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Random thoughts. 

Do not send pictures of your toes to people you love.  It just ain’t right.  

Don’t send pictures of your feet to anyone.  It’s awkward especially if they don’t really know you.  So awkward. 

If your feet make noise when walking on any surface or catch on carpet, find the exfoliant and lotion fast!

Good manners and fresh breath never go out of style. 

People should check their skirt before coming out of the bathroom. 

Do not run over your mom’s heel with a shopping cart. 

6th graders are not too young for deodorant.  

Pit hair is just gross to look at. Do not include it in pictures.  It should go right along with toe pictures.  No, just no.  

Bathroom etiquette should be required training  for  everyone just like confidentiality training is every year for teachers. 

Fish or food items that look like vomit should not be brought to lunch wherever you work.  

If you can smell yourself, others can too. Perhaps it’s time to bathe?

Crock pots are a mom’s best friend. 

A million selfies a day does NOT help one’s self esteem.  It just shows others you have an issue with self image.  You are beautiful.  Except it please. 

The duck face is OUT. Snap filters are IN!

Keep on Keepin on!  

NOT guilty!

I have wrassled with some guilt today.

I know we all do it…. we let it creep in and steal our joy.

It’s past…it’s old news, it’s OVER.

Yet, I still allowed it to overwhelm my thoughts today and take my “ZIP” away like one of my friends observed today.  He said, “You don’t seem very zippy today.”  He was right.  I was down.  I was sad.  I have things on my mind that my mind has twisted and made stupid.  I think about the past and how I could have done this or that right or better …and then I feel like a failure.  YUCK!


As another friend pointed me to my GO TO scripture while I was right in the middle of a mini-meltdown:

“NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER.” -Isaiah 54:17  (I’m horrible at recalling the addresses in the Bible.  I can tell you stories or even point you to the book a verse or story came from, but exact spots, my brain doesn’t hold on to.  I DO REMEMBER THIS ONE THO…and I know it’s because God blessed me with it.  He knew/knows that I NEED THIS VERSE CONSTANTLY.)

I rebuked the stupid devil, rearranged my thoughts and held on to the VICTORY God gave me through Jesus!

He said….. NOT GUILTY!

I love this song which says exactly what I’m talking about:


What do you struggle with? We all do.


Even the HULK with his INCREDIBLE power of massive strength, struggles with anger issues, Superman–cryptonite…

We all have struggles, conflict, A NEMESIS.  We all have something about us we don’t like or some situation we cringe thinking about.   We all have something that makes us feel so embarrassed or causes guilt to creep up and take over our mind. Sometimes, we even… allow ourselves to feel unworthy.

adjective  not deserving effort, attention, or respect.
Read that definition.  Read it again.
Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?  (in my best Minion voice)
We feel undeserving?  Not worth living life to the fullest?
Why do we do that?
Why do we allow our thoughts, others’ opinions or even the past to rob us of feeling FREE!?
No matter what you have experienced, done in the past or even feel about your physical appearance
–you were made for PURPOSE.
I’m no where near able to feel absolutely as free as I should, but I do know I have a hope I hold on to through the promises of God and by the blood of His Son.  The more I look to that hope, the more FREE I feel.  The past decisions I’ve made and stupid mistakes that haunt me at times seem to fade as I trust and lean on what really matters.  I am HIS creation and so are you.  Let’s try our best to take our struggles to Him and not just see them as that huge NEMESIS.  Wipe that away and see more clearly.
Be blessed…BE FREE!
Total note to self right here!

The GRAND Scheme

Sometimes we get hung up on things at work, our children’s grades, what people say to us or the way someone even looks at us.  We make a big deal of something that, in the grand scheme of things, is very minuscule.  I will not begin to tell you that I never do this.

I have and I’m sure, I will again.

I remember one morning I spent sweeping and mopping the floors in our house only to have one of my children spill a whole glass of sweet tea or kool-aid, I can’t remember which, across the kitchen.  What was worse, they didn’t tell me they did it and TRIED to clean it up themselves with a hand towel.  Later, walking in to the kitchen, my socks stuck to the kitchen floor. I went crazy.  When I say crazy, I mean, not in my right mind crazy.

Looking back, it was unneeded, it was ridiculous and it will be something that my children may never forget.

Looking back, I also ask myself, did they MEAN to spill it?  Did they try their best to clean it up?  It’s just a floor!  Nothing was bleeding or broken or life-threatening.  I went coo coo for something that was not going to change the course of history or stop time in anyway.

I’m not saying I’m stressed out all the time, but I have realized this week, that I do stress over silly things sometimes.  I don’t mean to at all. I like to be laid back and calm.  Peace is my absolute favorite thing.  Peace, sometimes though, is something we must find within so as to spread it all around.

I know, others tend to bring to life the total opposite of peace, but the way we react to such things is what matters.  That is what allows us insanity or peace.  It goes right back to what I always say: It’s all about how you look at it.

So, as this work week ends and the weekend begins, I reflect on what is important to life in the, as I referred to earlier: GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS.

The List:




((  Love from my Father above, love of family/friends and LOVE I can show to others.  ))

Even though we have deadlines, tests and other stresses on the list, this list above truly is the MOST IMPORTANT in the scheme!

May I please keep my life in this perspective, always.  Amen.

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