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Stress sucks the life out of your day.  SERIOUSLY!  Stress sucks the joy out of your attitude and the smile right off your face!  Stress sucks the energy out of whatever situation you are in.  Stress makes progress and productivity seem like a volcano of insanity!

Why do we stress?  Why do we worry?  Why do we get concerned about stuff that will work itself out?

Here’s what I get stressed about—

The list of to-dos that seem to get longer and longer…AND LONGER.  I get overwhelmed sometimes and feel the stress in my neck.  I get cranky, short tempered and sometimes even cry.  …whhhaaat!?!


I REMEMBER stress is what the devil uses to make us crazy.  It doesn’t just “suck”…it’s a tool of the devil.  Stress is probably one of the first things he grabs for when trying to frazzle us…Gag!

I’m rebuking his power right now!

Here’s my story of the week…

This week is our Homecoming Week at school/work.  Months ago, I planned to be part of a ministry weekend with a friend of mine so I will not be here on Friday for our pep rally or game.  It makes me sad, but happy at the same time.

Here’s the sad…I won’t —be here for the seniors and their Homecoming game  —see the former students who will be coming in for reunions and such —get to share in the excitement of our friendship exchange with the other team and the crowning of the “royalty.”

Here’s the happy…I will —get to be on a trip with one of my good friends who loves JESUS and shows Him all around to everyone anyway she can  —get to share Jesus through song!  —get to LAUGH and get to recharge my JOY jets!   ALSO, my coworkers I gladly call my friends have helped me out and covered all the things I do during this crazy Homecoming Friday.  One friend is announcing at the pep rally while another is taking care of contests and another one is filling in at the game that night!  I am beyond happy.  It is absolutely confirmed that I AM LOVED.  What a great feeling!

The devil can take his stupid stress and stuff it!  Stress sucks, but MY GOD can put people in my life to show me that HIS blessings shower down when the devil thinks he’s got me chasing my own tail.  That ole devil ain’t got nuthin’ on MY GOD!  My God is real.  My God is alive.  My God can and will and does –all the time– GREAT AND WONDERFUL things!

Romans 8:28



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