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OH NO! The lights went out!

Today, mid sentence, mid song, mid day… the lights went out.  They went off, kids cooed and screamed, they came back on, the kids booed and one even began an unsavory curse word (thank GOD he stopped before finishing it and I just took it that he wanted his “mother”) …THEN THEY WENT OFF again and stayed off for a little over an hour.  Within that hour, the day seemed to come to a screeching halt.   The students in my class at the time, did continue their art, but all the buzz was we would get out if they were out for long.

Within minutes after that period ended and another began, there were rumors circling about how no one could keep them there after 30 minutes with no lights.  I laughed.  The kids were talking about other schools being without power.  They didn’t know.  The rumors that were conjured up in a matter of seconds were actually quite entertaining.

I also got to hear stories about trees falling in yards over the bad weather weekend and how families were trying to continue life without electricity.  Some stories were short and sweet while others were still going on since we did have some students at school today who got ready in the dark this morning (and some who didn’t try and weren’t there).

HOW DID WE EVER GET HERE???  How can we not be “normal” without our lights on?

I’m in NO WAY saying I like my electricity to be off.  I’m just saying how can we not just continue with life without it when we know it will def return soon.  I do admit that it is hard when it seems to disappear at night and I like to have a fan on to sleep.  BUT REALLY PEOPLE… why can’t we be OK with the lights off?

I have thought about this all afternoon.  I’ve come to this…

We are so conditioned–and I’m not just talking about air/conditioning altho that definitely a luxury we have come to know and love.  (especially in TEXAS)  I’m talking about lights, gadgets, technology, etc. that will only function with the life that electricity gives it!  We have come to depend on it all.  Again, not saying it’s bad.  I love that God allowed all these blessings to abound!

But I also know, just like the lights going off, our lives are not always full of electricity.  We have those days where the energy is sucked out of us, someone has flipped off our light and times get tough.  I told one of my students today who seemed quite distraught that we didn’t get to close down and go home today—that I sure hoped his life didn’t have a lot of bumpy times in it.  He would not be prepared to take it!   The electricity was off for a little over an hour.  It came back on …  this was not a tragedy!  Sometimes in life we worry like that.  We get all freaked out because our lights have gone off…

We have to be prepared for the lights to go out.  We have to be patient and know that God will restore our energy.  Let’s calm down and think of those times that everything was fine and be confident that those times will return—just like the electricity going off…it will come back on.

What’s your Perspective?

My morning has been somewhat of an odd not-so-happy one.   

I woke up with a sore head from a horrible headache I had yesterday.  If you suffer from migraines at all, you know this feeling.  It’s just funky. 

I had to take 15 minutes out of the morning chaos to find my child a piece of clothing she HAD to have with her cheer uniform TODAY.  It ended up being at the bottom of a drawer she haphazardly stuffed with all types of clean clothes (not in the drawer it was suppose to be in).  Whoa, was I hot!

I had to fix lunches and breakfast without the help of my husband, because he had to go into work super early today.  That threw a kink in my plans.  I like to function WITH him. 

I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.  No details needed. 

Then, I had to combat a little bit of “gossip” this morning once I got to work–which really bums me out.  I can’t stand gossip=the ugly Untruth!

I said “GOOD MORNING!” three times to a group of students of which none replied.  What!?!  Yes, I called them out on it.  I’m sure that made their morning! Haha!  It kind of defeated the whole GOOD MORNING message. 

So, again, my morning has been a bit off.  I was a bit down about life in general, I guess.  Wow, was my perspective sour!

AND THEN…I read my friend’s post on Facebook.   My sweet, sweet friends lost their baby boy in a car accident two years ago.  I could barely get through the first sentence without tearing up.  It stopped me right there in the middle of my “pity party” morning.

REALLY, I WAS HAVING A BAD MORNING!?  I was allowing others to steal my joy.  I was allowing a few bumps in the road to ruin my attitude.  Was my morning really THAT bad?!  No!  Her post helped me remember that I am so blessed.  I knew this before, but somehow forgot to look at all the good stuff.   It happens, I know.  I’m just thankful God dropped this in my lap (or on my computer screen).  It’s all about HOW you look at it!   He reminded me of this.  Sometimes our perspective (a way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance) is waaaay off!

I said a prayer for my friend and I continue to be in thought about her and her family.  What a tragedy, yet her post and many of the ones she has written have blessed me and several others.  This child’s life blessed those around him and his absence from this world is doing the same.  How awesome is that!?    Thank you so much Carter!

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