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OH NO! The lights went out!

Today, mid sentence, mid song, mid day… the lights went out.  They went off, kids cooed and screamed, they came back on, the kids booed and one even began an unsavory curse word (thank GOD he stopped before finishing it and I just took it that he wanted his “mother”) …THEN THEY WENT OFF again and stayed off for a little over an hour.  Within that hour, the day seemed to come to a screeching halt.   The students in my class at the time, did continue their art, but all the buzz was we would get out if they were out for long.

Within minutes after that period ended and another began, there were rumors circling about how no one could keep them there after 30 minutes with no lights.  I laughed.  The kids were talking about other schools being without power.  They didn’t know.  The rumors that were conjured up in a matter of seconds were actually quite entertaining.

I also got to hear stories about trees falling in yards over the bad weather weekend and how families were trying to continue life without electricity.  Some stories were short and sweet while others were still going on since we did have some students at school today who got ready in the dark this morning (and some who didn’t try and weren’t there).

HOW DID WE EVER GET HERE???  How can we not be “normal” without our lights on?

I’m in NO WAY saying I like my electricity to be off.  I’m just saying how can we not just continue with life without it when we know it will def return soon.  I do admit that it is hard when it seems to disappear at night and I like to have a fan on to sleep.  BUT REALLY PEOPLE… why can’t we be OK with the lights off?

I have thought about this all afternoon.  I’ve come to this…

We are so conditioned–and I’m not just talking about air/conditioning altho that definitely a luxury we have come to know and love.  (especially in TEXAS)  I’m talking about lights, gadgets, technology, etc. that will only function with the life that electricity gives it!  We have come to depend on it all.  Again, not saying it’s bad.  I love that God allowed all these blessings to abound!

But I also know, just like the lights going off, our lives are not always full of electricity.  We have those days where the energy is sucked out of us, someone has flipped off our light and times get tough.  I told one of my students today who seemed quite distraught that we didn’t get to close down and go home today—that I sure hoped his life didn’t have a lot of bumpy times in it.  He would not be prepared to take it!   The electricity was off for a little over an hour.  It came back on …  this was not a tragedy!  Sometimes in life we worry like that.  We get all freaked out because our lights have gone off…

We have to be prepared for the lights to go out.  We have to be patient and know that God will restore our energy.  Let’s calm down and think of those times that everything was fine and be confident that those times will return—just like the electricity going off…it will come back on.

What a Wonderful World

I see trees of green, red roses, too,
I see them bloom, for me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

You can probably hear ole Louis singing that right now.   There are so many things in this world that are beautiful.

I took the picture below today that makes me wish to be an ant for a few minutes so I could crawl through this fresh patch of Spring.  It looks so happy.


The next part of the song talks about my favorite:


I see skies of blue, and clouds of white,
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

I love a beautiful blue sky full of white clouds.  God truly made this world beautiful.  He made so many amazing things that make us stop in awe.  He works in this world and all you really have to do to see Him is look.

But no matter how much beauty this world may have…

I know this isn’t THE wonderful world.  I know this place is not my home.  I must remember this especially when some of the things of this world aggravate me or make me sad.   When devastating things happen in this world, I am so thankful that God has a more beautiful, more WONDERFUL world ready for me.

Today, a beautiful family lost their young boy to an accident.  I’ve cried and prayed all afternoon for my sweet friends.  I can only imagine what or how they feel.  To lose a child has got to be the worse pain to bear in this world.  It’s hard to be happy for him, even though we know he is in the best WONDERFUL world, when the pain is so hard here in this wonderful world.  Our grief, what ifs and other questions cannot allow us to be at peace with the fact that God has got him.  He’s with Jesus.  Wow.

GOD is waiting in the real WONDERFUL world for us.  Our pain will one day go away.  This life is but a vapor and by believing in HIM, we will be reunited with Him, our sweet babies, parents, grandparents, friends and all those we have lost from this world one day.

And on that day… we will all be singing together…

What a Wonderful World!

(I believe the words will be somewhat different than Mr. Armstrong’s rendition, though.)


It started to clear up this afternoon. First, the blue spread across the sky … And then… I SAW THE SUN! It was a little later when I thought about taking a picture, but the sun was still and maybe even MORE beautiful…


The sun illuminated the golden trees in our yard…


We got to be in the yard for a little while without rain! The kids and dog were all smiles…


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