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Most of THIS GUY’S words I’ve either written, said or thought…

Control your mouth.


“I want this world to be a more positive place.”


We are all different. 

We are all different.

Love no matter what.  

This video is quite moving. Worth the 14 min watch. 


A friend of mine shared this video with me a few days ago and I have laughed so much!  I just thought I needed to share. Enjoy!!!

Click it!


Could you buy chocolate with a good deed?

Check out this video.


I have watched this video so many times.  It such a heartwarming story of a guy who thinks of others first.  From a plant to a sweet little girl and all in between… He is NOT selfish.  He is NOT self-centered.  He is a servant.  He is blessed.

I want to help others.  I want others needs to come before mine.  I am blessed…I want to bless others.

Please watch the video.


THIS IS FUNNY.  My favorite part is at 3:40.  Whitney could always wail!  If you have 9 minutes to spend laughing a little, watch this video:

Blessings Today

#1 This is the video I created today. This woman is awesome and I’m glad she allows me to help in her ministry! What a blessing!

#2 I met a new friend today. His name is Chris and he’s one of those people you meet and you instantly like. I probably talked his head off and he might think I’m a total art freak…or other variety, but I sure did appreciate God allowing me to meet him today. He was taking my pic for an upcoming article on a project I do. He’s a total artsy…one of MY PEOPLE…he’s in the ART TRIBE. What a blessing!

#3 My child played volleyball tonight and their team won. I’m so proud of that gal. ANOTHER BLESSING!

# There are more to list, but I won’t go on…God knows He showers me and I want to give all of the praises to HIM!

Amen 🙂

Because We’re Happy!

My leadership class created this video to let everyone know ORE CITY HIGH SCHOOL is HAPPY!

We truly do have a great happy awesome campus full of students who are great, faculty and staff who genuinely enjoy doing their job and a great administration who supports us and is out to help students!  YAY FOR OC!

Please share this video AND comment on it if you will.  My students will so appreciate it.

…Cuz I’m HAPPY!

HAPPY…you can’t bring me down, cuz that is the way I’m gonna be.  NO BRINGING ME DOWN.

This video goes on forever!  …but this song… it just makes you HAPPY!


This morning I woke up to realize that it is the day AFTER Christmas.

I must admit I was a little bummed.

I was also totally content in knowing that our Christmas was so very blessed.  The bummed part just came from the thought of taking all the decorations down, really.

I also thought a few minutes about the day after Christmas 15 years ago when I got that call that my best friend died in a car accident.  That was a major event in my life and one that changed my outlook, I believe, EVENTUALLY (because it was not immediately) for the better.  I am certain that all events we experience change us.  Sometimes they make us bitter and confused and hard.  We allow the things we go through and people we face to turn us rotten.  No one wants to be rotten.  Sometimes, it just happens before we realize it.  Who wants rotten?  No one likes rotten fruit.  Just sayin.

My friend dying, as I’ve blogged about before, was a rough time.  It was scary even.  I had nightmares for weeks and started to dread sleep all together.  Fear took over my life.  One day I just shook my head and opened my eyes and wondered what I was doing.  I had to move on and get over the fact that she was gone.  I had to move toward peace and look for purpose.  I couldn’t stay in this state of constant fear.  I couldn’t be ROTTEN fruit!   Events change us.  Events mold us.  Events force us to make decisions.  I chose to become a more loving person.  I chose to make it a point to tell others I love them.  I chose to show others happiness in all circumstances.  Most of all, I believe, I began to move toward my God who had always been pulling at me to follow Him.  I’m not saying it was an immediate transition and that I was instantly transformed into the AWESOME GOD LOVING GAL I am now.  I’m saying, I can look back and recognize that there have definitely been visible turning points in my life.  Not saying I recognized it then and had some AH-HA moment, but looking back now, I know that certain circumstances are life changing even when we don’t really recognize them as such.

I know that the more I look at life and what this world throws my way, I depend more and more on my GOD to stay constant, to provide me with peace in all circumstances and to afford me all the strength He knows I need to do whatever HE wants and allows me to do.  The more I praise Him, give Him the glory and listen to Him …the more ripe with His love I get –and I know –with no doubt —I WILL NEVER BE ROTTEN!

Below I’ve shared a link I found earlier.  It’s a short story of a baseball player who has gone through many trials in his career, but his story is of assurance, because he knows who is in control.  My favorite quote is when he says that God says, “This isn’t about you, Brett.”

For real!  It’s about HIM!  **Amen**


LAST NOTE: I got those Christmas decorations packed up and put up today. Doesn’t mean I’ve packed up Jesus–He is in my heart!

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