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#CRUSHcancer 5K

I totally finished that 5K today!!!

SOOO, I was pretty much last, but I did it.  It’s ok that I and one other gal were the only two on the track.  The rest of the group went the city course, but really, I didn’t want to hold up any traffic with my mad walking skills or awesome legs.  haha!

All kidding aside, we had an awesome event which made some nice change for the Texas Oncology Foundation.

Here’s a pic of most of the group…


I loved doing this and am ready to tackle on another.  Well, I’m not ready to be the main organizer of one yet…I’ll wait another year for that, but I’m ready to go walk one again.  It was a lot of fun!

My whole family participated in it as well.  This is how my 10 year old felt in the end…



Memory Walk

This morning on my walk I strolled around our school .. The whole campus. Not saying it’s a huge campus, but I did get my mile in. While walking I stopped and took some pictures of the area behind the school where the elementary playground used to be BACK IN THE DAY. This is where several Rebels spent recess for many a year. It made me think of when the boys would get in trouble for climbing trees and the monkey bars were the place where most recess arms were broken. (Or he ones I remember). The slide looked like it was three stories high and the swings were the highest swinging ones in the whole wide world! This wooded area pictures was always the most mysterious part of the yard and I loved being there. We used to have an old boat there that every child loved to imagine and play in. It would be deemed a major safety hazard today along with the monkey bars.
It was def a walk full of memories this morning.




Walking In Love

The creation for today. These are a pair of shoes I made for my child. We chose red and I was like: LOVE! Love is the theme. I just love me some LOVE!


20130719-214247.jpgI started with white spray paint.  Yep, plain ole spray paint.  Then moved on to the black puff paint to decorate shirts (or anything just about).  Last, I used a black SHARPIE (one of my fave art/school supply!) to doodle some lines on and the words.


20130719-214254.jpgI may end up adding more quotes on the sides.  My daughter LOVES them so far and said she is going to wear them EVERY DAY!  Haha!  She always makes me feel like a REAL ARTIST.

Remember: Walk In Love!

Shoe design :)

Yesterday toward the end of my “BLAH” day, I decided to go to our local Dollar General and find some shoes to doodle on.  I’ve been wanting to do this, but really wanted some white shoes.  I didn’t want to travel to another town (part of the lazy of my day yesterday), so I just got these kind of ugly grey shoes here in our little town.

Anyway, I visited the website BUCKET FEET the other day and was so inspired by all of the different designs.  It is a site where artists have created shoe designs and you can actually purchase them.  So cool.

That’s the main reason I wanted some white shoes–so I could really do a graffiti style work on them.  Art doesn’t always work out like you planned.  Another reason I love art!  Actually when I’m creating, I’m praying.  God allows me to have this talent and he guides my mind and hands when doing it.  It’s an amazing feeling!

Check out the product…


I first decided to spray paint over some of the grey, because that background color was so dark and my markers (both paint and permanent) were not showing up like I wanted them to.  Out to the shop I went!  Once the shoes dried enough, I brought them in.


Then, after getting the tops more developed, I moved to the sides.  It was like creating in my sketchbook (commonplace book), yet the background medium posed a little more of a challenge because of the texture and color–not to mention the shape of the artwork.


I left the shoes last night knowing I would finish them up this morning.  After my morning walk, I got back in and touched up here and there.  Added a few hearts, words and textural lines.  I could probably add more, but I don’t want to take away from the design that is already there.


I took them outside on my deck to take pictures.  Natural light is ALWAYS better.  Well, LOOK AT THIS PHOTO!  It was like God was shining His light on them.  Once I took the picture, the light rays poked back in behind the trees.  How awesome is that!?  ((Thank You Lord!))  The main message of my pair of shoes is “LOOK AT THE LIGHT,” because God is light!  That makes this picture even more special to me.


And here they are from the top.  This is what I will look down on.  The comfort of these shoes aren’t super high (they were $6 at the dollar store–what could I expect!), but I’m pretty sure when I wear them–I WILL FEEL THE LIGHT as I do all the time.



In the mornings, I like to get up early and walk. Sometimes it’s on a treadmill and other times its outside. Either way, I’m up and talking to God. I thank Jesus for all He did for all of us. I just count my blessings and pray for the day.

No matter what the day brings, I try and keep this thankful attitude through it all. I don’t worry about the weather or what I’m going to need that day. The Lord has shown me over and over that He gives me everything that is required for any situation.

Today was no exception. He provided our mission team with everything. He had planned for the exact amount of crafts for my presentation. And when I forgot a small yet important part of the craft for the evening session, he put an adjusted project in my head. I love the blessings of adversity and talent he pours out. HE never ceases to amaze me. I’m so blessed!

I’m excited to see all the provisions He will supply us with tomorrow. It’s so exciting!!!

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work: -2 Corinthians 9:8

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him
And He will direct your path.
-Prov. 3:5-6

(Yes, I posted three times today!)


I’ve seen great things this week!

I know you have too.  Sometimes, though, we don’t notice the good, great and amazing stuff.  We look to all the bad things that happen. Seriously, take a break from world news. Go outside and take a walk.  Look at the stuff growing, birds flying or just to the clouds.  IT’S GREAT STUFF!

My great things this week…

One morning, I went on a walk and the weather was just absolutely perfect.  Things were bright and wonderful.

My boy started basketball camp and LOVED it!  He had some awesome coaches who helped boost his confidence and the fun.  I’m so thankful for coaches who LOVE kids.  So proud of him and happy happy happy to be at OCISD.

My gal helped out at VBS for the first year as a youth.  Last VBS was the last year she attended as a student.  She has stepped up and done great at her duties.  I’m so proud of her!  She is growing up so fast!

GOD has put things in front of my eyes that are so amazing.  A great friend of mine and high school classmate sent me some pictures of how God shows us He is here all the time.  I’m going to share one of them below.  SO AMAZING!

This is a puddle in her yard she snapped a shot of …WOW!


Now, go out and find some GREAT THINGS!  Ya gotta look hard at times, but it’s soooooooo worth it!

My Morning Walk


This is a pic I took on my walk this morning. The weather has been absolutely amazing today! I love this picture, because it is so green and bright. Thank You God for giving me this gift.

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