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What are YOU a woman of? (guys can read this too!)

Why are there so many women who are MEAN? I know it has something to do with our “feelings.” We have SO MANY of those! Men don’t. I mean, they do really, but they don’t go around wearing them like a pair of underwear on the outside of their clothes like we do.

You look at a woman, and if she is unhappy, you will see exactly what she is feeling. Body language is very apparent when they are upset or mad or sad. It’s not very often that you see women just HAPPY. Even when they are happy, their body language, facial expression and demeanor just don’t ooze it like it does when they are unhappy. WHY IS THAT!? I’m serious. I’m confused. POST A COMMENT if you have some insight!

I seek happy people out. I do it in the grocery store! Today, I actually found a few including my cashier. I thank God for a happy cashier. I pray for it as I enter the store after I just got the greatest parking space, because I prayed for it too! So as for my cashier, I told her thank you after givng my receipt, AND then I thanked her for being happy. She most certainly thought I was a little crazy, but hey, join the club on that one. I so enjoy seeing a joyful person!

So, here’s my main point today–IF WE, AS WOMEN, COLLECTIVELY, call ourselves “Women of Faith,” how can we be so mean? How can we be so sad? How can we be the “b” word? Now, if you don’t believe in Jesus and are not a “Woman of Faith,” then hey, I guess you have an excuse. In fact, you have a HUGE excuse. Is it a good excuse? Are any really? Totally not a good excuse. It means you don’t have Jesus in your heart. It means you don’t have THE SAVIOR who through His blood washed us of our sins WHEN you believe in Him. If I were without Jesus, I undoubtedly would be grumpy. I would be absolutely in a funk. Jesus is my hope, my grace, MY JOY!

I have been asked “Why are you so happy?” In fact, many have asked me in a funky grumpy voice and have sometimes used explicitives that I will not repeat. It upsets others that I look on the bright side of things. That only makes me laugh and gives me even more fuel to continue to do so. I tell them it’s Jesus which is usually not what they want to hear. Perhaps they want me to tell them it’s a pill or some kind of quick fix they can do? I’m not sure. Another confusing part of life. Anyway!

Getting back to the main point…IF YOU ARE A WOMAN OF FAITH and you truly have Jesus in your heart, you should be the happiest person in your circle. You should reflect the savior so much that others see the light. They wonder what you have or maybe even it will make them think WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TAKING!?! Haha!

Think about it and ask yourself: “What am I a woman of?” I bet if you can’t answer it yourself, someone around you right now can! Do you want to ask them?

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