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YOU are beeeea–youuuuu–tiful!

Do you look in the mirror and find the bad stuff? Why?
You pick on yourself.
You search out the imperfections.
This world can’t even define perfect, REALLY.

I mean, we can have an opinion about something being perfect, but that is our opinion. That is not a TRUE definition of perfection. The world cannot do it. Only GOD can.

Why do we look at all the imperfections we have and overlook all the GOOD STUFF.
God made us awesome.
He made us great.
I know, genetics, food, and lifestyle all come into the picture, but when it all boils down…
WE ARE AWESOME CREATURES no matter what the mirror may reveal!

You know, even those super models, body builders and such find imperfections in what they see. They have lean muscle and low low LOWWW percentages of body fat, yet they find something to be down about? Everyone does. UG! It makes me wanna scream!

Why do we do this? THE WORLD. The world judges us so we think we need to do the same. We only have ONE TRUE JUDGE. Am I right? Amen?

Look in the mirror and stop fretting about it…LOVE IT!

Stop judging others. Stop judging YOU. YOU are beeeea–youuuuu–tiful!

The Mind Convo

Everyone has them…in your mind, you have this constant conversation going.  Most of the time, it’s all questions.  Should I?  Can I?  Am I?  Do I?  Where?  What?  How?   You attempt to answer them, but sometimes the questions are answered with even more questions.

I know a lot of these are part of decision making and we MUST do it.  I mean, SHOULD I BREATHE?  Duhhhhh, yes.  Should I brush my teeth?  Duhhhhhhhh, yes.  Some questions are a given.  Then there are those OTHER QUESTIONS…

AM I PRETTY?  AM I SMART?  AM I WORTHY?  Do I look better than ….?  Am I the best at …..?  Does ……like me?

UHHHHHHHHG!  Just typing those questions makes me want to scream, for real!  YES YOU ARE PRETTY! YES YOU ARE SMART!  YES YOU ARE WORTHY! …you don’t have to look better than someone else–YOU LOOK LIKE YOU!…You are the best at SOMETHING, find it!  People DO like you!  Some don’t too, but YOU SHOULD NOT CARE ABOUT THOSE!  Yes, I know, I keep screaming.

If you have ever dealt with an insecure person, you can see all these questions written on their forehead.  They almost pop up like speech bubbles above their head.  I want to pop the bubble and use an eraser on that chalkboard in their brain.  I want to do something that will make them believe in themselves.  I want to hit them!  Ok, I really do not want to cause them physical harm, but I do want them to snap out of it somehow.

I am not saying I never ever have those questions in my crazy head.  I just push through all that clutter, because I know who I am.  I know what I was made for and I know without a doubt that OTHERS cannot define who I am with their opinions, looks, stares or even verbal rants (to my face or behind my back).  Oh, I get my feelings hurt at times, of course.  People are people.  Humans can’t help to wear their emotions on their sleeves at times.  Some do it more than others.  Some people have MIND CONVOS which are a long stream of insecure thoughts and negative thrashings.  It makes me sad for them, but at the same time MAD AT THEM for not loving themselves!


I know, I’m still yelling, but I get so crazy on this subject. I’m sure I’ve blogged about it before many times.

I won’t capitalize anymore.  I’m just going to type my requests calmly:

Quiet that convo–the negative one– in your mind which makes you feel less of what you are suppose to be.  Please.

Look in the mirror and love what you see.  Please.

Don’t compare yourself.  (It’s hard not to put that in caps.)  Please.

Choose to be happy and confident, because you are pretty (or handsome), you are smart and you are worthy.  You are talented and you are liked.  Stop trying to please everyone and be happy with who you are.  Please.

Ending today with this cartoon.   INSTANT SELF ESTEEM:


Remember, this is funny… I really don’t think everything revolves around me.

I know who my life is truly about.  I’m just number 3: 1.God 2. Others 3. Me


YOU are YOU because of YOU

You are not defined by the way other people think about you, their opinions or their actions towards you.  You are not defined by your parents.  You are not defined by your friends, family or any other people you come in contact with.   I know, you are shaped and influenced by these, but your basic definition comes from the person YOU ARE, the decisions YOU MAKE and  the actions YOU TAKE.

This all goes back to RESPONSIBILITY.  You cannot blame others for the fact that you are a lost person, a drug addict, a convict OR  a mission worker, preacher, teacher or president of some governing body.  You are YOU, because YOU took the path that YOU took.  That is it!  What will you choose?  Will you choose to follow the example of your alcoholic father?  Will you choose to be like your favorite teacher?  Will you help others or only help yourself?  You choose.

Look to the POSITIVE leaders in your life, build on YOUR strengths and choose a path that will make YOUR  life YOURS.  

YOU are YOU because of YOU.

Personally, I believe in putting life in perspective like this: GOD, Family, friends then me.  And in all I do, I do my best to LOVE.

My wish for you…LOVE.   (Jesus is love.)





Real talk!


I saw this and thought AND said YES!
There are so many excuses out there today. Just admit you are the reason you are the way you are. Yes, you may of had a not so good childhood and things and people in your path didn’t take care of you, hurt you or abandoned you…BUT THEY ARE NOT YOU. You make decisions. If you are MEAN—it’s because you choose to be. THE END.

Who YOU are

An awesome illustration I found on Pinterest. It’s important to…


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