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It’s not every day…

It’s not every day you can wake up and say, “Happy Thanksgiving!”

It’s not every day you can post happy sayings that talk about how thankful you are for everything in your life.

It’s not every day you can eat turkey, dressing and other festive foods.

It’s not every day you can watch football with your fam.

It’s not every day you can take a nap just because.

It’s not every day you can recall blessings God has bestowed on you and your family and truly reflect on what those gifts mean to you…



It’s Thanksgiving Day today in the great USA, but this day can be everyday!  I know, traditional turkey and the dressing that Meme makes may not arrive every day, but IT COULD HAPPEN!

Thankfulness can be a constant state of mind no matter the day.  We can gather with our family any day of the year and love on them.

We should show our thanks at all times.

As the quote says:

It is not the happy person who is thankful, it is the THANKFUL person who is HAPPY.


It IS every day!

What Arrived Today

The Nativity Scenes were arranged.  Jesus comes in glass, plastic and ceramic.  HE shines always.

The tree stood proud and tall, all adorned with memories. One by one each memory is categorized, oohhed and ahhed over and hung on a sturdy bough.

The Snow people and Santas took their place here and there.

Fake fluffy snow fell right into place.

A quaint little Christmas village lined up by the fire.

The fire glowed, danced and even cheered as the elves helped unwrap the fun festive items from tubs which had survived another year in the attic.

Christmas carols softly played their tune and sung their lyrics.

Once the boxes were hidden and the elves were exhausted, the ELF movie took it’s place on the television right after Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

Yes, the traditions of Christmas arrived today…

But in our home, CHRISTMAS is every day.  Christmas is not just a holiday. It’s not a tree, Santa or snow.  Christmas is celebrated here not just for tradition… it is celebrated, because Jesus was born!  Jesus was born so we could all live.  I know Thanksgiving Day has not yet come and gone, but in our house, Thanksgiving is EVERYDAY!  We are constantly thankful for the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!


Positivity Pledge

This was sent to me earlier today and I had to share it! 

Some of these I must read daily to remind myself that staying on the positive side is truly the best way to be …

NO MATTER HOW INSANE life may get.  

Keep on the SUNNY SIDE 😜

No Negotiation

You cannot negotiate the truth.  

Ok, so my opinion is not yours. I understand that, but if it’s true…


If I tell you I like the color green and you tell me that I don’t …whaaaat?

That is a non-negotiable point. 


In fact, it’s my favorite color. 

Green makes me feel happy. It gives me a free feeling.

I know it is my opinion and perhaps not yours, but it’s still true. 

It’s the same way I feel about God. 

My God is real. He is alive and sent His Son to save me.  YES, this is my opinion, but it is TRUTH. 

Try and argue, try and tell me it ain’t so. Ok.  

Yes, that’s all I have to say. 


I, of course, hope you change your mind and accept Jesus as your Savior. AGAIN I say,”Of course!” But my opinion of the FACT will not change due to your difference with me.  


Optimistically Positive 

Quotes I fist bumped, nodded my head and said, “Yes!” To today.  


Let’s Make a Pledge!

Sometimes it seems we just cannot do it!  We can’t let go of something that is doing nothing but burning a hole in our good day.  It’s not helping you or pushing you forward.  It is only allowing you to spin your wheels or making you a big ole stick in the mud.  No one wants to hear about it…again.  You don’t really want to hear about it… again.

I know, I know, you are still in the midst of it.  It’s still causing drama in your life.  There is this huge elephant sitting in the middle of your brain screaming, “I’m still here!”  It’s like one of those catchy songs that gets stuck in repeat and you realize you are humming it again and again.  It’s not even the entire song, it’s just the chorus or even just one line AND YOU JUST WANT IT TO GO AWAY.  But instead of just going away, it swirls around like dust bunnies do when you are trying to capture them with a broom.  Well, it’s time to get the dust buster out!  It’s time to clean it up, throw it out and move on.


I’m not gonna allow my mind to dwell on things.  I’m gonna MOVE.  I’m gonna forgive, forget (as soon as I can!) and seek the One I’m supposed to in all circumstances and situations.  I’ve prayed over and over, but I’ve not moved.  I’ve not listened.  I’ve not allowed myself to look at what I’m supposed to be looking at.  Yes, I’ve told myself over and over to LOOK TO THE GOOD, but I haven’t truly done that.  Well, as I said…


I’m done with all that stinkin’ thinkin’ and I’m lookin’ to the future…the good..the golden!  I’m looking to the SON who did it all for me (and for you) and I’m gonna shine for HIM.  I’m gonna spread all the SON SHINE I can around no matter what annoying song gets stuck in my head.


Let’s move FORWARD! Let’s not feel bad about the past even if it was yesterday. Let go of last week, the other day, last year or before. Do not dwell on heartaches, bad feelings or grudges we want to hug like a teddy bear. Let’s look toward the upcoming awesomeness that is sure to occur …thanking God in advance for all the blessings which will come! Woo hoo!!! No more need to hold on to the junk of tomorrow… I’m claiming the prize of now and beyond. Go away devil, you canNOT steal my joy!

Can I get an AMEN!?!

***smiling, dancing and giggling with excitement***

No place for hate. 

There truly is no place for hate when it comes to us humans.  There should only be love. 

I’ve hated another human being before. It was ugly. It hurt me. It scarred me.  It was meaningless and truly selfish.  I kept love from them, not that they cared really, but if I don’t give love how can I accept love?

I do not hate others any longer. 

I am so thankful GOD has given me the ability too see that there is no place for hate. 

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