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Oh my gosh…YES!!! I’m an art teacher, but I’m not dumb and I do actually teach a CURRICULUM. SHOCKING, huh!?!

Art Teachers Hate Glitter

Art Teachers Hate Glitter FAQ

1. Did you have to go to school to become an art teacher?

No, they just let anyone with a high school diploma and a knack for crafting and finger painting become an art teacher.

Of course I had to go to school to become an art teacher. I am a teacher, and just like every other teacher you know, I have a degree from a real, actual college, and I am certified. In two states! In fact, I might even be more highly educated than some other teachers, and “professionals,” you know.  I have a Masters Degree (and a mountain of debt to show for it). I wrote a thesis and everything.

2. Do you have to do what real teachers do?

No, we imaginary teachers do not have to do the same things as the real teachers. We are pretend teachers, we only have to do…

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My bed is made. 

If nothing else in my life is nice and neat, my bed will be. When I get out of bed in the morning, the bed gets made. When I turn the covers back to slide in at night, I take comfort in the cool, smooth sheets which I patted down that morning.  

When I come home from days like today where every minute felt like I was going up stream… To see my made bed makes me feel that something, at least ONE THING in my day, went right. 

I’m not trying to whine. I’m just being real. We all have these days. We have a list as long as three yard sticks, overwhelming moments of craziness and a splitting headache!  I’m not saying these days come frequently. I’m just saying, the come. 

Today has been one of those crazies, but thank God…

My bed is made. 

(Take pleasure in the little things even when the big things aren’t going as planned … ESPECIALLY when the big things aren’t going as planned)

National Day of Service

Serving others should not be a hard task.

We should want to do what we can for other people.



On this Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service, we reflect on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. through a national day of service across the country. Share your story of service throughout the day on social media using #MLKDay and follow the impact on all of our official accounts.

…He who is greatest among you, shall be your servant. -MLK, Jr

Check out this video:


This is a holiday, yes, but I hope you were part of something more than just sleeping in late or watching Netflix all day.

As student council advisor at the school I work, I’m so proud of the students who came out and were part of a group that went to visit a local nursing home today for MLK National Day of Service.  Those kiddos get it–they get that we should serve others.  They gave their day off to go make others feel like they are important.  I’m so proud of them!

I hope you were part of something today.  I hope you were part of a service to others.


I ❤️ to paint. 

This is a collage of some signs I painted for a friend of mine who’s daughter is getting married this summer. She snapped the pic of me while we were arting.  I love to paint. I think fonts are my fave. 




Where does aggravation come from?  I mean, I know what causes it, but why does our brain hold on to it at times.

Today, after school, I wanted to scream!   Why?!?  I’m not totally sure.

The bell had rung and I was somewhat free.  I did have an errand, but no big.  I do have a meeting tonight, but one I’m excited about actually.  So why was I so aggravated?

HORMONAL?!?  The weather?  Was the oxygen to my brain constricted?

Who knows!

I’m still yelling, I guess, because I keep using exclamation marks.  I’m really ok now.

What was wrong with me?

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever just wanted to crawl in a hole and stay there for a while.  I felt like I wanted to escape.  I was in my vehicle with no one else at one time and just wanted to drive and drive with no destination.  I was not depressed.  I was not hurting.  I was just BLAH.

What happened?  Maybe a kid got under my skin?  (mmmhmmm) Maybe my shoes weren’t fitting just right?  (that can happen)  Maybe I just have a lot to do?  (I do have a list on my desk.)

Who knows!

I’m just so thankful feelings like that PASS.  I prayed, I sung songs of praise and I prayed some more.

What do YOU do to help get rid of that kind of feeling?


The Struggle Is Real

Everyone has a struggle.  It may be with self-loathing, a shoe buying addiction or a relationship.  It may be weight loss, an ill parent or a crazy person you gave birth to.  It might be your un-understanding spouse or a boss that just doesn’t appreciate your dedication.  Some struggle with their past.  Some struggle with the uncertainty of their future.  I struggle with remembering negative things people have said to me.  We all have some type of struggle.  Some have more than others!  They change daily at times.

What do you struggle with?  What is your weakness?

The Lord has been showing me some very important things the last few days.  He has been reminding me that weaknesses are what He specializes in for us.  He stands up for us.  He is our strength when we are weak.  He’s like one of those jumbo erasers when it comes to a weakness.  HE can help us lighten those and even erase them!  How exciting!  You are never ever alone in your weaknesses.  He will comfort us in scripture, surround us with people who support us and show us over and over that we are not alone.  That right there is awesome.

In the Bible, Paul talks about having a thorn in his side.  That struggle had to have been pretty annoying.  Just as Paul knew, I know the struggle is real.  I had a student one time that said that all the time (“The struggle is real, Mrs. Clawson”).  I miss that kid, but when I think about that saying now, I think,

Again, like Paul knew, I know that MY GOD IS REAL!  My God is so much MORE real than any struggle we may go through.

Thank you GOD for that.  Thank YOU for being bigger and better than any struggle I may come against.  Thank you for being STRONG in my weakness.   Amen!


And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Cor 12:9



Words are POWERFUL!

Why is it that hurtful words can get stuck on repeat in our brains!?!

There have been so many people in my life that have spoken wonderful words.  Yet, when my mind becomes idle, it moves toward instances where spoken words have hurt me.

Words truly are powerful things.

We should all speak words of life.  We shouldn’t want to destroy others by saying things that are meant to hurt them.  I’m not saying I’ve never said things I shouldn’t.  I pray so hard that words I might of said in anger or stupidity are not playing over and over in anyone’s mind.

Why can’t I dwell on the GOOD WORDS that have been thrown at me!  I have so many happy times to remember.  Why must things that are hurtful be ingrained in us so deeply that it seems no amount of good can cut it out?!?

I constantly pray that God will take those evil words out of my mind!  I don’t want to think about negative things.  I don’t want to think badly of someone, because of the words they said in anger or stupidity.  I don’t want to feel the same way I did when those words were first used against me.  I know those words were prompted by the devil and that truly makes me ill.  I don’t want anything like that to take any of my time!

Lord, please restore and refresh my mind.  Please bring happy times and good words to the forefront of my brain.  My God, allow any harsh words I have spoken to be erased from others’ minds as well.  Allow peace and calm to come to my mind…my life.  Thank You Lord for all you bless us with.  I know that both good and bad words (and circumstances) make us who we are and help us to grow.  I praise You for all.  Just please, help me to focus on the good, always.  In JESUS’ name, Amen.

Words are powerful! 

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