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Seniors 2019

To the AWESOME class of 2019:

It is sure going to be tough for the next class to fill your SENIOR shoes. You have truly been a joy to watch grow. Your class has been easy to love. Y’all are leaders, achievers and a great example of REBEL PRIDE. Thank You! Seriously.

From leading a campus Christmas party, once again participating in a campus-wide community service event AND receiving various awards with your involvement in athletics, TMSCA, UIL, TAFE, FFA, Band, and Student Council… you, 2019, are AWESOME!

I’m proud to know you. It’s been a joy to teach and advise you. With the future as your next step, I cannot wait to see all of the successes you will experience.

Don’t forget you are loved!!!With these last few class days ahead of you, don’t forget to show your love. Leave on a happy joyful note. Be the best you can be. Keep making us proud and get ready to keep on being awesome no matter where life takes you!

Congratulations to each and every one of you!

– Mrs. C


Only a few more days until we get the gift of a new year.  So many of us wait for this day to make some kind of new start.  Resolutions are uttered, maybe even written down.  Gym memberships are at an all time high.  Some make going to church an important change.  We all make promises to ourselves that sometimes end up being broken by the end of January first.

Why wait for day one of the new year?  Why?  Right now is the best time to straighten up, focus on the LIGHT and walk into a better life.  Right now!

Carpe diem, (Latin: “pluck the day” or “seize the day”) phrase used by the Roman poet Horace to express the idea that one should enjoy life while one can.

We’ve all heard this saying.  Most take it as a “do what we want to” kind of reminder.  Enjoy life by doing whatever you can in order to be happy.  I don’t see it as that.  Sure, I’ve done my fair share of living like that.  I’ve lived my life unfocused and reckless.  I’ve done things just because they felt good.  But my definition of enjoying life while you can has evolved over the years.  I know I’m not super old, but I’m definitely older than I used to be.  I’ve failed enough to learn from mistakes.  No one truly finishes failing, but I’ve gotten better at steering around a few obstacles.  So, Carpe diem to me is a much bigger project than just trying to make myself happy.  It’s taking the moment and making the best of it, by putting what is important ahead of what’s not.  Maybe that statement totally confuses you.  I could’ve read that a couple of decades ago and think the exact same thing. What in the world does that mean!?!

It’s all about perspective and my perspective comes by doing my best to see this entire world like Jesus did when he came as our perfect example.  Striving to see through His eyes is not easy, but that is what I want to do each day and I’m not waiting for a new year.  Looking at the new year right ahead, I’m not waiting on Jan 1st as the day to start this.  I started this a while back.  I just need to renew my mind sometimes and refocus on this important task.

I’m looking at now, focusing on this moment to make this life brighter.  I’m focusing on the only light that can make this life brighter.  He is the reason I have the power to steer.  He is the reason I can focus on the good.  He is the reason my attitude and reaction to others and the circumstances of this world can take an upbeat tone.  He is the reason for my forgiveness.  He is the reason we get a brand new year, week, day, moment.  He is my reason for living.  I cannot do anything worth anything without Him, January 1st, or any other day of the year!

I pray this very moment starts a new focus for you.  May it be bright!

Death and decision.

We will all experience it. We are usually quite afraid of it.  No one really wants to talk about it. When it happens, we all have those usual things we say.  They are in a better place.  They aren’t suffering anymore.  Some even go as far to talk about angel wings and looking down upon us.  You’ve all heard them.  Those kind of words are supposed to give us comfort.  We have all been on both sides.  We give or receive those types of words.  We want to help each other.  We want to create some type of comfort especially when our friends or loved ones are hurting due to it.

It comes with such pain here on earth.  It’s so final.  It takes away a piece of us most of the time.  It may steal from us moments we were hoping for or just a minute or two from a daily routine.  It may even take a constant that was in our life. Someone we were sure to see each day at a certain time or one we are in contact with all of the time.  Whatever it does to our lives, we know it’s one of those things we cannot deny.

It has come to our family recently.  My sister-in-law who was a constant in our lives has gone on.  We can celebrate for her as we mourn for us, because she knew Jesus.  She loved Jesus.  She served Jesus.  She was loved.  She was needed.  She was a supporter, a cheerleader, a mom, daughter, wife, etc.  Tammy was one of those people who you could count on.  She will be missed as a constant in our lives.

It is something we don’t want to talk about, but we must, because it is something we will all go through.  Are we ready?  Who knows if we are ready for the actual event.  I know none of us were ready when it was Tammy’s time.  We are all still in shock.  Why? What? How?  So many questions.  But the main question we need to ask ourselves is, “Am I ready for what comes after this last event of our lives on earth?”  Am I ready to receive eternal life?  Or the other?

I believe the other is why a lot of people don’t want to talk about it.  They don’t believe there is something after this life that needs an answer from us now, in this life.  Or, they just don’t want to think about it.  Don’t talk about it, it’s not there, it’ll go away … or maybe someday I’ll talk about it.  One day I’ll think about it and maybe one day I’ll make a decision.

That’s not how it works.

Jesus made a way.  He made His way to Earth for us in order to show us the way.  He is the way.  We can walk up through the cross right into Heaven thanks be to God.

Tammy has made her way.   We can be glad for her.  We can be sad for us.  But we must answer the question that she answered correctly so we can celebrate with her one day.  Death is temporary… life can be eternal by just making that decision.

Celebrate Tammy!  May you be continuously rejoicing with our Lord now and forever! We will miss you as a constant here, but will be with you again one day.


My Stuggle

We all have it. We have the thing or things we struggle with the most. I have a list. It’s not a horribly long list, thank God! And my list has changed over the years, but one thing on that list that has not changed. This struggle stayed the same throughout the years. It is dealing with mean people.

I don’t get mean people. I don’t understand why they decide to treat others like they are less than them. I don’t understand how people can be rude to other people. It is disgusting to me! That makes the hair on my neck stand up. I struggle with loving them. I know we are supposed to love them. I’m not talking about some kind of lovey dovey huggy love. I’m talking about a sincere love for our fellow man. Jesus said we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. He didn’t exclude the ones that are hard to love. He didn’t say, “Well, if your neighbor is cranky, you don’t have to,” or “If someone is mean to you, you can skip loving them.” He says love others. No description of those others. We are to love no matter what.

“Really, God?”

I want to throw a tantrum like a two year old in the middle of the cereal isle at Walmart. You know you’ve seen that or experienced it! I want to scream, “Nooooooo, whhhyyyyy, I don’t want toooo!!!!” I want to stomp my foot and clench my fists sometimes and throw love out the window when it comes to mean people.

But I must remember, those people have a struggle. They have a spirit of meanness (or rudeness, or whatever you want to call it) that has become a struggle for them. They perhaps sin a different way than I do by giving into that struggle, but I’m still a sinner just like them! I struggle to love mean people and that is OBVIOUSLY a sin! It’s a vicious circle! We must strive to overcome our struggles. We must reflect and look at ourselves, analyze our offering to this world with God’s blessing and grace AND try our very best to overcome the struggles we have that hold us back from the blessings God has for us. Don’t dwell on those mean people. Pray for them. (YES IT IS HARD!) Don’t focus on what they need to overcome, but focus on what YOU need to overcome. If you are able to focus on that, maybe it will cause a ripple effect! Just saying.

There are always going to be mean people. And loving them is going to be a struggle. But we can make this world a better place by striving to overcome that struggle.

Love mean people. ((UGH!))

No really…


Sweet Memories

With the passing of our sweet Memaw, my husband’s maternal grandmother, came a flood of memories.

At her funeral, of course, there were many things brought up to remind us of her goodness, her kindness and love.

She loved us, loved people. She would get tickled and laugh, not out loud, but in a way her whole little body shook. It was the cutest thing. My husband remembers from way back when she always took care of him. He practically lived at her house.

This song was played at her funeral and it really describes that kind of bond with a grandparent.

I started thinking about my own grandmother who helped me and was always there for me. A friend of mine had a windmill photo post yesterday that reminded me of my Grandma G. She loved windmills. I never knew exactly why, but she did. I remember making her one in a college sculpture class I took. It’s great how things like this can remind ya of the good stuff.

We are blessed to have all the sweet memories about those loved ones that mean so much to us. May we always be able to bring them to mind.


As a married-in member of my husband’s family, as far back as I can remember, he has been teased about being his Memaw’s favorite.  I’ve heard said he could do no wrong in her eyes.  At times these comments kind of pierced me a bit.  I’m not sure it ever did him.  I guess I didn’t really want them making fun of my man.  Sometimes, I felt the jealousy that was associated with the comments and that would rile me a little.  But thinking of these times (and comments) as our sweet Memaw is nearing the end of her life, I only smile.  I think of how her eyes lit up when he came in the room.  She would look that same way or sometimes even more so when my son came in as well.  These two were her “Buddy” and “Little Buddy.”  She didn’t love any of her family any less.  She just loved her buddies perhaps in a different way.  It’s not a level thing.

Seriously, it’s easy to have my husband as a favorite.  I know I’m typing this from a biased opinion, but really… He’s a good man.  First and foremost, he loves Jesus.  He always helps people when they need it.  He goes out of his way to do so.  He is loyal and respectful.  He’s never been a crude or gross individual.  He takes care of his family.  He works and not just his regular job.  He’s always working on something.  He’s a great candidate for a FAVORITE.

A lot of people say you shouldn’t have favorites.  You should show everyone the same love.  I understand their point of view.  We should all show brotherly love to all of God’s creations.  When it comes to the people we interact with (family or not), I don’t think we love one more than the other… it’s just a different love.  On my job, I do not rank my students in some type of list.  And I do not believe Memaw ever did that with her family.  She did all she could for all of them.  It just happened that perhaps her buddies were closer and able to help her more or to go see her easier than other members of the family.  Everyone has this situation in their family.  Everyone has ones closer than others.  That doesn’t mean you are less loved.

So, as for favorites?  As I said, I understand the point of view of how some people say you shouldn’t have favorites, but I think favorites are just a part of our lives.  We have people that are closer to us.  We have people who fit us better.  We have friends and family members who we just get along with better than others.  Why is calling them a FAVORITE so wrong?  I have a favorite Uncle who has always been my fave, because he has always listened to me.  He’s always been an encourager.  He LOVES me and just calls to tell me that and that is it.  He’s one of my favorites!

So, I say again, Why is calling someone a FAVORITE so wrong?

I bet YOU are someone’s favorite.  😉



Good Enough to get to Heaven

Being good.  It was hard.  Everyone knows you are supposed to be a good human.  I kept this in mind all the time when I was young.  It was always on my mind.  I did so many bad things.  You have to be good to go to Heaven, right?  That is what I was taught, what I was told.  I knew, with no doubt, I was going to hell.  It was hard to be good.  Seriously, I tried.  Over and over, I tried to be good enough to get to Heaven.  I was young, we all do dumb stuff as stupid young people, right?

I got older, I grew up.  I got married, got my first real job and still had this nagging need to try and be good enough.  I still messed up.  I was older, but still did dumb stuff.  I did horrible stuff.  I was more mature, but being good all the time, was still hard.  So hard!   As an adult, the overwhelming need to be good increased and along with it, the guilt grew to mountainous heights.  I was so not good enough to go to Heaven.  Ever felt like that?

Then, I was sent some awesome people to help me along.  God knew I wanted help.  I prayed for help.   Looking back, I’m not sure I really knew exactly how to pray.  God knew.  He always knows.  A co-worker gave me a book that helped open my eyes to somethings.  I can’t remember the name of the book, which kind of disappoints me now, but I know that it helped guide me in a better direction.  I always believed there was a God.  I knew I was made by this God, but what I didn’t know, is exactly how much He loved me.   This book helped me focus on God and take focus off of some of the things that had held my gaze for way too long.

Then, God sent even more people to help me.  He had already surrounded me with some that were going to help turn me more toward him.  My husband was one of them.   He was saved at a young age.  I wasn’t sure what “saved” even meant.  As I said, I believed in God, but wasn’t sure about all that really included.  I was at a revival one night where the speakers and singers made it so clear to me!  I realized that night that I didn’t have to be good enough for God to love me.  I mean, yes, I wasn’t good enough.  I’m still not good enough.  I will never be good enough on my own.  None of us will ever be good enough, but at the same time, we are enough with HIM.  We are enough, because God sent His son to SAVE us.  Jesus came to make a way for us.  He covers our sins and every unworthy thing we do and makes us pure and righteous.  HE does it all.  We do not have that power.  We can’t clean ourselves up enough to be ready to be saved.  We are SAVED by what Jesus did for us.  And then when we are saved by Him…we are able to do the  good stuff.  With him, we can more easily look away from our sin, reform and be redeemed.  ONLY with Him.  I cannot do anything without HIM.  Before Jesus, I could never be “clean” or “good” enough, but with Him, I do whatever I can, with His strength, to strive to be more like HIM.  Will I ever reach his mark?  No, but I am going to try every way I can to continue to run to that mark.

I thank Jesus for His strength, His guidance and for all the ones He sent into my life to help me move toward HIM.

Thanks be to Jesus, I am GOOD ENOUGH to get to Heaven.

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