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No More Fits

Why is it that everywhere I look kids are throwing a fit?

I’m not talking about your normal crying baby.  I’m talking about screaming, crying and convulsing on the floor in the middle of a store. I’m talking complete and total meltdown.

Also, what is going on with young people shooting people?  Youngsters who have only been on this earth for a handful of years do unspeakable crazy things.  Did their parents or some authority figure not tell them that ain’t right?!?

Let me back up a little and start this little rant with a disclaimer:


FITS!  Even adults throw hissys that would put a 2 year old child to shame.

Here are my questions:

Has discipline become something of old?  Is it out of style?  Is it something we as a society don’t do anymore?

My children are not perfect and they do act up and act out at times, but they know when they do…there are consequences and repercussions that will follow.  They know there is some type of unpleasant feeling in their near future.  I’m not talking a “beating”…I’m talking some type of DISCIPLINE in order to help them understand that their behavior is inacceptable.

When I was young, I learned very quickly what I could and could not do.  I learned to respect my parents, their friends, my teacher and others in authority.  Why is this something that doesn’t happen these days?  As I grew up, I acted right and respectable, because I was taught that.

Not too long ago, my cousin created a post on her FB page which goes right along with what I’m talking about.  Please read Zanetta’s comment below.  She is, as they say, ON POINT.

I live in the land of the privileged – privileged with the opportunity to respect. Ever notice how everyone wants respect, yet so many people don’t know how to get it? We can respect others regardless of background, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation, social status, or whether or not they agree on a given topic. Trust me, I’ve been guilty of not treating others with respect, and I can’t remember a time when that paid off. The way you treat others (good or bad) provides consequences (good or bad respectively). Ever notice how simple it is to give respect? Just imagine you are the other person, and treat yourself the way you’d like to be treated. It really is that simple. I didn’t say easy; I said simple. It’s possible it is easier for some than it is for others. For me, my Mom and Dad taught me to respect others, especially my elders and authority, so I’m possibly more used to doing it than someone else. Something else you can trust – if I didn’t respect others, it wasn’t the teacher, principal or police I was afraid of. I was afraid my Mom and Dad would beat my back side black and blue. I don’t know how many times I heard my Dad say things like, “Do you want me to knock the teeth right out of your head?” if there was any hint of “tone” or back talk out of my mouth. No, my parents weren’t abusive. They were being good parents teaching me to respect them and others. I’m pretty positive my siblings can tell you I’m not exaggerating any of that. You know what I learned from all that? I learned that when you respect others, you rarely find yourself getting in trouble, breaking the law, etc. I say rarely, because it’s conceivable that I may not disrespect a soul, yet break a traffic law. I may even find myself facing a law enforcement officer due to it. He might even ask me to do something I think is ridiculous. Here enters that respect authority part. I know it might be a pain in the tail, I probably don’t have time for it, I probably disagree, and it’s probably immensely frustrating to have to comply with whatever this authority figure is telling me to comply with, but here’s the trick to having privilege in that situation – just do it! I know (from experience with other authority figures like my Mom and Dad) that fighting it, mouthing off, etc. is going to do nothing but waste my time, and get me nowhere other than probably more trouble. Yep, sometimes you’ll find that authority figures do stupid and possibly wrong things. Respect them anyway. God put them there, so think about that. I also understand from these ancient teachings that it is MY responsibility to provide the respect, not the other person’s. It is the same thing I teach my kids today. Mouth off, and you get punished. Mouth off about that, I’ll dish out more punishment. Keep on fighting with me, you won’t like the mama bear that comes out. Daddy bear backs me up too and might just add more, so you might want to try a new attitude. It is called respect. Here’s another funny thing I’ve learned about respect – when you give it, it is most likely you’ll get it back. I live in the land of the privileged – privileged with the opportunity to respect. I’m ok with that.

No more fits.


It’s so important to take time out for the one you love. 

We have two kids and tons of responsibilities. Life seems to be insanely crazy busy sometimes. There have been times that we have been so distant for various reasons.  There was a time in our past I felt like we were not on the same team.  

No more of that!  

We will always make sure we have this TOGETHERNESS time. 

It’s SO important.  Did I say that already?

I love this man!


I was so very blessed to be able to spend some time with a couple of gal friends out on the lake the last few days.  We smash-booked, watched funny clean comedian videos (yes, still funny!) and talked about life, family and especially JESUS.  It was an awesome time.  I love being with people who love Jesus and me.

There was only one “problem” …we had no cell service.  I put problem in parenthesis, because, really, it wasn’t a problem.  It’s not like we were totally cut off from the world.  The cabin actually had a LAN line phone in case anyone really needed to tell us something.  Not having the flow of constant instantaneous information for a few days was actually refreshing.

I do love sending a text to my man periodically or hearing my kiddos voices…OF COURSE!  Do not get me wrong when I say this, because I’m not anti-technology, but being severed from the bombarding of voice mails, texts, updates and notifications was so peaceful.

I remember when there weren’t such things.

In my lifetime, I’ve been without a phone when driving to another state. *gasp*  (I was asleep in the back seat while my parents took turns driving, but still)

I’ve actually had a phone that couldn’t search the internet.  *gasp*

I owned a cell phone that had to be carried around in a bag if you actually wanted to take it out of the vehicle and make it really “mobile.”  #ugly #bulky #ew  *gasp*

What would the younger generation do in times like these?  I’ve seen various challenges out there that ask to do this: disconnect.  Most will admit that disconnecting would make them quite antsy and maybe even a bit fearful.  The reliance on always knowing what is going on in the world has become so great that without it, we feel not only disconnected, but disoriented.  That is a scary word.  We shouldn’t feel like that about anything.

We should hold on to the fact that we are capable of going through life without this never ending connection.  We need to have a connection with Jesus most of all. (duh) Also, we need to connect with PEOPLE face to face …walking, talking, for real people.   I know social media keeps us connected in an interesting way, but the last few days have been that true, in your face kind of connection and I LIKED IT!


I’m cool with that.  (for at least a few days anyway)

Try it and tell me what you think???

Written June 30 and not posted until today due to… Well, I’ll blog about that in a bit… Read this first:

Today was filled with an awesome road trip. What was supposed to about 2 and a half hours of road turned into about 5 hours.  To most people that sounds horrible.  Most people want to get there (wherever THERE is) in a hurry. 

Reminds me of a song by Alabama…

Don’t get in a hurry—

Take Your Time. 

What a treasure!

You never know what you will find when you start digging.  Treasures lay there waiting to be found.

I found myself elbow deep in stuff today.  While I went through most of the things left in my brother’s house, I remembered when that house was my house too.  We grew up in that house.  I lived there for 21 years.  My brother lived there most all of his life.

I remember that my dad kept it a chilly 67 at all times –all seasons.  It didn’t seem like the ice house it was, I guess, since we were all accustomed to the temp.

I recall our kitchen bar being the hangout at so many different occasions.  It welcomed us for breakfast, after school snacks, studying and neighborly domino tournaments.  When my friends came over around the teenage years, it was what we all sat around and just hung out.

Today, as I dug through so many different items–some of which I had never seen and perhaps didn’t comprehend it’s rhyme or reason– I found treasures.  My friend who was with me through it all today, at times, gave me insight as to what exactly I as looking at.  There were a few items that baffled us both.

After everything was separated into piles of yes, no and maybe…

I found a few items I will keep and a million photos to go through, but the best treasure I found today was a Corningware dish.  Perhaps that sounds like it’s not much of a treasure.  I admit it wouldn’t really look like much of a treasure if you saw it either.  But to me… it is from a time when my mom and dad were happy.  It’s from a time when we would all sit down at the dinner table and eat together.  Mom would pull that big thing out of the oven full of her baked homemade macaroni and cheese.  (sorry kraft…it was better)  It reminds me of warmth, of love, of my family.

That treasure reminds me how treasured I felt as I grew up in that home.

What a treasure!


A Re-Blog

I don’t usually ReBlog much, but I read this and thought it was pretty good. 

Click here to read. 

R and R 

R and R usually refers to rest and relaxation.  

What if it seems like you can’t do either of those?  I’m not blaming anyone or anything. I’m just saying…

My R and R is more like B and C.  

Busy-ness and Chaos. 

Life gets so crazy sometimes. We have so many obligations and duties. We run from here to there, but really need to be somewhere else.  Alarm clocks, appointments, arrangements… 

I know that I stay busy, but really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know God guides me and He gives me the R and R I need.  Restoration through a Relationship with His Son. 

Thank You Lord!


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