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Artful Quotes 

The artsy quotes in canvas I created today: 


What are you wearing?


What are you wearing today?  Khakis?  Tank top? Dress clothes? Casual?  Pajamas in front of the tv?

Ok, I’m not really asking for your physical appearance.  I’m actually not interested in that at all.

What I’m asking is your face, posture and tone saying…what are you wearing?

Are you bitter or angry?  Are you having that meeting in your mind of the crazies?  (believe me, I know of that meeting!)  Are you worried or anxious about something?  Are you sad about a situation or just because?

NO MATTER WHAT IT IS… You are wearing it.  Oh, you may the best actor/actress IN THE WORLD, but others can see it in your eyes and hear it in your tone.  If you harbor hate in your heart, it cannot help but flow out of some outlet.  We see it, it truly is obvious.

I know this, because I internalize things at times that I need to let go of.  I know what us humans do.  I’m human too!  Some think I’m happy-happy-happy, joy-joy-joy all the time, but to tell ya the truth, that ain’t the case.  I do admit as I’ve said before, I’m an obsessive optimist, but at times the optimism can’t sling the sword swift enough to slay the dragon of crazy in my mind.  I get down.  BUT I do get up again. (reminds me of a song…go to second 33 in the video below)

Even in my down times, I strive to get back up and put back on JOY.

I’m not trying to tell you what to wear like I do my 15 year old child, which may I say, I’ve pretty much given up on EXCEPT for sticking to appropriateness …  I’m trying to say, let’s fix our attitude before it oozes out of our face and other parts onto those around us like a poisonous gas. (ew)  We don’t want to taint those around us.  We don’t want to influence them to wear the ugliness of rejection or sadness.  We want to be encouragers and those who lift chins and point faces to the light.  Wear the attitude of gratitude and the smile of true happiness. Don’t be a poser.  Be intent and true and positive that no matter what battles are going on in your head, those things can be overcome and you can GLOW in your super duper new joyful duds.  Your face can wear the look of love.  Your posture can show others you are ready for company.  Your tone can be one of comfort and encouragement.


Whether you are wearing khakis or spandex (eeek!), wear happiness, love, peace and joy.

What are you wearing?

The best decision!

I know our world is crazy. 

I know the news is depressing. 

We could go on and on about the state our country and world is in. 

But I don’t want to!

My obsessive optimism allows me to look passed the funkiness of everyday.  God blesses me with a great attitude. He shows me the beauty in the day. He points me to the silver lining. 

Most of all, HE GAVE ME JESUS. He gave us all JESUS. 

Jesus is the main reason I can be happy.  No matter what happens in this world, in the end, thanks to Jesus, we can leave this world and be peaceful and happy forever.  You only have to believe.  Amen! 

Don’t be scared!  Just do it! You never know when it’s too late to make the best decision of your life!

What you want?!?

What you want…

Baby I got it…

What you need…

You know I got it…

That is the beginning of a famous Aretha Franklin song asking for a little RESPECT.

In our daily walk, do we give that respect?  I’ve been burdened with this question here lately.  Not like I’m swimming in a sea of doubt or anything, but just a questioning.  Do I treat others how I am supposed to?  I’m talking about everyone.

We tend to be cordial to those we meet on the street (or in the store), show happy love to our friends, but when it comes to our family sometimes…

I don’t know about you, but I get aggravated much more quickly with them.  I roll my eyes or raise my voice at times I shouldn’t.  I wouldn’t do it to someone else.  I teach a ton of kiddos that are the same age as my daughter and I display more patience with them than I do my own child.  I know I hold her to a higher standard a lot of times than them.  I just hope I’m being fair to her. I know a parent/child relationship is much different than my teacher/student one.  I pray that I am doing a good job.  That is my question… am I giving that respect to even my own child I’m supposed to be giving?  I know I demand it from her.

When it comes to others, as well, do I live by the Golden Rule?

Matthew 7:12 says to treat others as we would want to be treated.  Am I doing that?

This is my prayer today, that I will pay more attention to this and do a better job.  I want to show more love and respect to my family, my friends and those beyond.  Please help me, Lord.  Amen.


Song of the Day

My great friend who WON a luncheon/concert decided I was the blessed one to accompany her to this shindig today.  LOVE!  It was a great event which truly blessed me.  We got to listen to Brandon Heath sing, talk, answer questions and tell us more about his hygiene than we might of wanted to know.  It was entertaining, funny and a total hoot!

I’m going to share my fave song of the day below.  It truly spoke to me.  It made me think of the song— This World Is Not My Home, because it truly is, no matter what–going to be ALRIGHT.  This is not my home.  When I leave here, it’s alright (really better than alright), because you know where I will be.  Love this song!


My recent FB post:

LIFE: The road is sooooooo smooooooooooth, (insert Joe Stokes voice here) rockin’ and beeboppin’ along, whistling like the Andy Griffith show, singing a zipadeedoodahh song, saying like my wonderful friend Johnny Coleman always says, “What a day, Lord, WHAT A DAY!”
THEN, out of absolutely no where…there’s a stupid speed bump…BUHH DONK!!!

Not to worry, not to fret… it’s only there to slow ya down for a bit.
That’s all it can do—SLOW YOU CANNOT stop ya!



SERIOUSLY…speed bumps are just little bumps in the road put there to slow you down.  They are not there to make you totally stop and give up on your journey.  Their main purpose is to slow you down.  In life, things happen that make us want to give up.  Things happen that make us want to run away.  We wish for things to be erased or people to accidentally trip on their way to the bathroom (maybe even worse!).  But those things are SPEED BUMPS!  They do slow us down, they do make us change direction sometimes, but they can never STOP US.  They don’t have the control to stop you.

You keep on keepin’ on cuz you can!

That is what I choose today… EVERYDAY!



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