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Death is natural.  We will all experience a physical death at some point in our lives.  It is something we get closer to each day.  We all know others around us are going to die.  Do all of these things make it easier?  Nope.  It’s just one of those things that stings.  It bites.  It gives us a pain that we cannot truly explain in words.

Death raises questions.  Why did they die?  Why was it their time?  Did they know Jesus?  Where are they now?  Why did this person die and some other person didn’t?  I’ve heard these questions, I’ve thought them.  I pray… asking God some of them.

Death is just not easy for us.  When I have someone close to me die, I get into a place in my mind, spirit and body that is just drab.  It’s not totally black, just a medium gray.  I understand that death is part of life, but I don’t have to like it.

If Adam and Eve could have just kept it together, it would be different right?  If we were just all in the garden like God meant for us to be, we’d all be happy and healthy all the time.  I’ve heard so many things blamed on those first two humans.  Poor Adam and Eve.  But really, God knew what was going to happen and still made them.  He knew that we would need a redeemer so we could be reunited with him.  Adam and Eve did mess it up, but God gave the whole of humanity a plan b!  An almighty back-up plan.  Wow!

A lot of times we make God our plan B which is so messed up.  He should be our first go to for everthing, BECAUSE of the plan B he created for us.  He should be the one we stay in constant contact with… because HE KNOWS what death does to us.  He knows the medium gray I’m talking about in my soul.  He is the best one who can breathe the life back into me.  He makes the sun shine again, the clouds puffy against that blue sky and all the beauty that makes our eyes widen.  He puts the sparkle in the sky and can wipe away all the tears which death may give us.  There’s a hole, a chasm, that is left in us when we lose someone we love, but God created a way for us to all be together again.  Through his great plan through Jesus.  It’s an awesome gift, all we have to do is recieve it.  Not work for it or run for it, but accept it.  With it, we can look to a better day, a nicer home (even compared to the beauty we see here) and know without a doubt that Jesus has created the way for us.  I take most comfort in that no matter what happens here on earth.

Today, we lost a great man here on earth.  I heard a wonderful lady say one time,(about her husband who had passed) I didn’t “lose” him, because I know exactly where he is.  We should all be able to feel this sentiment about Brother Ken Mills.  This man is certainly in the arms of Jesus.  He’s celebrating his life with Jesus now.  I know he heard those words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant…”  I know he’s not sad like we are here without his great preaching, his encouragement, his cuter than cute smile and little laugh that would be accompanied by a snort every once in a while.  We will miss him and not soon forget any of those things.  He had the best stories which would always be intertwined with scripture.  He led many to the Lord and pointed everyone (“Men, women and children,” he would say) he knew to the cross.  What a great legacy to live!

As I sit here and cry for the loss we feel here, especially those closest to him, I think about that legacy and how death for Bro. Ken is his great reward.

I pray that many will be drawn closer to God through this time of sorrow.  God is the best comforter and consoler.  Thank God! (for all)



Things you can’t undo…
You can’t un-scramble an egg so, make sure that is how you want to eat it. 
You can’t un-ring a bell so make sure you ring it for a good reason. 
You can’t un-kiss someone so be sure you want to and should kiss them. 
You can’t un-say something so watch your mouth.  Especially when it’s something mean or negative, you cannot take it back or suck it back into your head. It’s out there. Sure, you can ask for forgiveness, but the forgiveness is not up to you. Right? 
Beware of your decisions. Think before you react hastily. Think hard before you lash out. JUST THINK. 
When you do make those life decisions that have derailed your life or caused such heavy guilt you can barely breath, remember, you must move forward and not get stuck in that moment. Perhaps you’ve totally messed everything up, but stop, ask for forgiveness, forget it, put it behind you and keep moving forward. 
Don’t EVER look back. 
We cannot use the backspace key for life’s decisions. You can’t erase it, but you can’t let it make its mark on your present or ruin your future. 

“Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭3:13-14‬ ‭KJV‬‬

“This is a dramatization.

Do not try this. ”

You may have seen or heard this warning on a commercial. A lot of times it’s a dramatization of something that is over the top ridiculous, but we all know, some all too well, in this world, it’s a statement that must be made even in the most far out situation. It’s mainly because people will try anything! They find their examples from crazy places. People follow things (yes THINGS, it may not even have a heartbeat) that lead them to nowhere. They do it because someone else did it. They follow the first follower. It’s like the old adage, “The blind leading the blind.” Taken literally, that short statement, is how some of us live our lives. We look to the world to give us guidance.

Our true guidance should not come from the blindness and darkness of this world. …

It should come from truth and light. We should pour into ourselves exactly that and then manifest it as love for all those around us. We should not demonstrate some kind of dramatization. We should be REAL, AUTHENTIC, transparent even. Those are scary words to some, but if we want to live in the light, allow truth to rule in our lives, be able to love without fear, then we have to be those words.

Let’s not live by a dramatization, no matter how believable it may be. Let’s live by something we can try, commit to and continue to grow in. Let’s follow the truth of the Bible, the example of Jesus and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. With that, we can let go of all the dramatizations and feel the freedom of truth.

Thank You God, for the truth!

One Thing

If you look back on today, is there one thing that sticks out about it?

Was there an event, a quote or a look you can instantly picture in your mind?

Did that one thing make your day or break your day?

Today I said the word, “Christian” out loud in a meeting.  I was using this word to describe something we were discussing.  INSTANTLY the devil started whispering to me… “What are you talking about?”  “Not everyone here is a Christian.”  “You offended someone.”  “Why did you say that?”  After about a minute of that weird thinking, I shook my head and wrote down a prayer.  Just like it started, it stopped!  That is my one thing from today.  I was protected.  I have the power to use prayer at any time to get the devil off my shoulder or hanging off my earlobe and that is what I did.  I used that power.  The thoughts left and like the Bible says when you do not conform (or like I was doing, some major stinkin thinkin) to this world, the renewing of your mind can transform you.  And THAT is exactly what happened!  BAM!  Just like that.  That one thing transformed my mind, changed my day and created a calm in me that I cannot even describe.

Thank You Lord!

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. -Romans 12:2

What is your ONE THING?

Seniors 2019

To the AWESOME class of 2019:

It is sure going to be tough for the next class to fill your SENIOR shoes. You have truly been a joy to watch grow. Your class has been easy to love. Y’all are leaders, achievers and a great example of REBEL PRIDE. Thank You! Seriously.

From leading a campus Christmas party, once again participating in a campus-wide community service event AND receiving various awards with your involvement in athletics, TMSCA, UIL, TAFE, FFA, Band, and Student Council… you, 2019, are AWESOME!

I’m proud to know you. It’s been a joy to teach and advise you. With the future as your next step, I cannot wait to see all of the successes you will experience.

Don’t forget you are loved!!!With these last few class days ahead of you, don’t forget to show your love. Leave on a happy joyful note. Be the best you can be. Keep making us proud and get ready to keep on being awesome no matter where life takes you!

Congratulations to each and every one of you!

– Mrs. C

Only a few more days until we get the gift of a new year.  So many of us wait for this day to make some kind of new start.  Resolutions are uttered, maybe even written down.  Gym memberships are at an all time high.  Some make going to church an important change.  We all make promises to ourselves that sometimes end up being broken by the end of January first.

Why wait for day one of the new year?  Why?  Right now is the best time to straighten up, focus on the LIGHT and walk into a better life.  Right now!

Carpe diem, (Latin: “pluck the day” or “seize the day”) phrase used by the Roman poet Horace to express the idea that one should enjoy life while one can.

We’ve all heard this saying.  Most take it as a “do what we want to” kind of reminder.  Enjoy life by doing whatever you can in order to be happy.  I don’t see it as that.  Sure, I’ve done my fair share of living like that.  I’ve lived my life unfocused and reckless.  I’ve done things just because they felt good.  But my definition of enjoying life while you can has evolved over the years.  I know I’m not super old, but I’m definitely older than I used to be.  I’ve failed enough to learn from mistakes.  No one truly finishes failing, but I’ve gotten better at steering around a few obstacles.  So, Carpe diem to me is a much bigger project than just trying to make myself happy.  It’s taking the moment and making the best of it, by putting what is important ahead of what’s not.  Maybe that statement totally confuses you.  I could’ve read that a couple of decades ago and think the exact same thing. What in the world does that mean!?!

It’s all about perspective and my perspective comes by doing my best to see this entire world like Jesus did when he came as our perfect example.  Striving to see through His eyes is not easy, but that is what I want to do each day and I’m not waiting for a new year.  Looking at the new year right ahead, I’m not waiting on Jan 1st as the day to start this.  I started this a while back.  I just need to renew my mind sometimes and refocus on this important task.

I’m looking at now, focusing on this moment to make this life brighter.  I’m focusing on the only light that can make this life brighter.  He is the reason I have the power to steer.  He is the reason I can focus on the good.  He is the reason my attitude and reaction to others and the circumstances of this world can take an upbeat tone.  He is the reason for my forgiveness.  He is the reason we get a brand new year, week, day, moment.  He is my reason for living.  I cannot do anything worth anything without Him, January 1st, or any other day of the year!

I pray this very moment starts a new focus for you.  May it be bright!

Death and decision.

We will all experience it. We are usually quite afraid of it.  No one really wants to talk about it. When it happens, we all have those usual things we say.  They are in a better place.  They aren’t suffering anymore.  Some even go as far to talk about angel wings and looking down upon us.  You’ve all heard them.  Those kind of words are supposed to give us comfort.  We have all been on both sides.  We give or receive those types of words.  We want to help each other.  We want to create some type of comfort especially when our friends or loved ones are hurting due to it.

It comes with such pain here on earth.  It’s so final.  It takes away a piece of us most of the time.  It may steal from us moments we were hoping for or just a minute or two from a daily routine.  It may even take a constant that was in our life. Someone we were sure to see each day at a certain time or one we are in contact with all of the time.  Whatever it does to our lives, we know it’s one of those things we cannot deny.

It has come to our family recently.  My sister-in-law who was a constant in our lives has gone on.  We can celebrate for her as we mourn for us, because she knew Jesus.  She loved Jesus.  She served Jesus.  She was loved.  She was needed.  She was a supporter, a cheerleader, a mom, daughter, wife, etc.  Tammy was one of those people who you could count on.  She will be missed as a constant in our lives.

It is something we don’t want to talk about, but we must, because it is something we will all go through.  Are we ready?  Who knows if we are ready for the actual event.  I know none of us were ready when it was Tammy’s time.  We are all still in shock.  Why? What? How?  So many questions.  But the main question we need to ask ourselves is, “Am I ready for what comes after this last event of our lives on earth?”  Am I ready to receive eternal life?  Or the other?

I believe the other is why a lot of people don’t want to talk about it.  They don’t believe there is something after this life that needs an answer from us now, in this life.  Or, they just don’t want to think about it.  Don’t talk about it, it’s not there, it’ll go away … or maybe someday I’ll talk about it.  One day I’ll think about it and maybe one day I’ll make a decision.

That’s not how it works.

Jesus made a way.  He made His way to Earth for us in order to show us the way.  He is the way.  We can walk up through the cross right into Heaven thanks be to God.

Tammy has made her way.   We can be glad for her.  We can be sad for us.  But we must answer the question that she answered correctly so we can celebrate with her one day.  Death is temporary… life can be eternal by just making that decision.

Celebrate Tammy!  May you be continuously rejoicing with our Lord now and forever! We will miss you as a constant here, but will be with you again one day.


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