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Natural Beauty

a photo I took today…

  This picture I took this morning is of a weed.   It is usually one of those things most people are trying to get rid of. This fluffy little weed was among the green in one of my gardens.  Even though most think it doesn’t belong, it was doing a pretty good job showing off it’s natural beauty this morning.  Everything has a beauty quality. Everyone has beauty. Sometimes we just have to change our perspective to see it. 



This weekend I was blessed with some awesome words:

Do not say ANYTHING about yourself that GOD HIMSELF wouldn’t agree with.

An awesome lady named Gwyn shared that.  She came to the realization one day that this is important.  I SO AGREE!

Then, I was listening to a preacher named Joel Osteen…  (Side note: I know a lot of people think he’s just a feel good preacher and they don’t think he speaks truth or uses the Bible or even points people to Jesus… EVERYONE has their opinion.  I have mine too and mine is based on actually listening to several of his podcasts/sermons where he DOES talk about being positive, quotes and uses the BIBLE, asks and leads people to accept JESUS and speaks on how our lives should be lived through Jesus Christ.  Just putting that out there.)  One of his facebook posts keeps coming to me which is:

Proverbs 6:2, says, “You are snared with the words of your mouth.” Snared means to be trapped. Your words can trip you, what you say can cause you to stumble, and it can keep you from your potential. Don’t set the limits for your life with your words.

THIS KEEPS COMING TO MY MIND. OUR WORDS MATTER! Even when you are speaking to yourself.  ‪#‎truth‬

I just posted that on MY facebook.

I tell my students this all the time.  I encourage them to be content and happy with what they look like and who they are.  I do my best to boost their everyday self concept and confidence.  But when it comes to me…

I don’t always talk nice to myself.  I should.  Why shouldn’t I?  I’m a pretty sweet person to other people, why not to myself?  I am usually a pretty confident person, but for some reason, sometimes, I talk ugly to myself.  WHAT!?!   I have already confirmed in earlier blogs that I AM A SUCCESS.  I have an awesome family, great friends and soooooo many other blessings.  I cannot list them all!  Why should I ever call myself or refer to myself as anything but awesome?  God made me.  God loves me.  God wants me to love me, because HE DID A GREAT JOB ON ME!  There is no reason why I should think or say otherwise.

‪#‎perspective‬ #beYOUtiful
#‎loveYOURSELF‬ #truth

I’ve traveled about 600 miles in the last 36 hours and it’s been a great blessing.  

I got to see so much SUN!  I’m so energized!!!

I got to do Bible talk, fun talk, happy time share and friend bonding. 

I saw women laughing, praising, loving and turning to JESUS. 


So blessed!

 Thanks Tammy for allowing me to be your partner this weekend! 

(I’m the blonde. Haha!)

#friendship #roadtrip #westTexas 

Do you???


Do you know them ALL??

So much FUN!

This is a backdrop I made for a dance a local group is having here at school this week.

So much fun!  #create #paint #the80s



Think about it. 


Sermon Notes 

Do you want to be TRULY happy???
You want joy, contentment and happiness, right???

Everyone wants to have GUSTO in life. 

Gusto: enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest.

Joy: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Happiness: the state of being happy.

Where do you try and find those things?

Rebellion against the Lord does not ever lead to happiness.

The “joy” of whatever rebellion you are involved in is only TEMPORARY

Money has never made anyone “rich.”

Apply the Bible to your life. 

Find JOY, HAPPINESS, GUSTO in the delight of following God’s word. 

You can only find TRUE happiness in the Lord. JESUS In your heart=all those happy feelings and emotions. 
With JESUS, even in trials, you may have HAPPINESS.  It’s a promise. 

Be like the tree planted by the water… -Psalm 1:3

NOT like the wicked in verse 4. 

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