crazy, weird, UNIQUE!

Just kidding…

You are ugly.

Just kidding.

You make me sick.

Just kidding.

What did you do to your hair today?

Oh, I’m just kidding, it looks great!

I think I’m going to puke.

I’m just joking.

No, really, I think I’m going to be sick.  Really, I’m so sick of hearing, “Just kidding.”

That two word phrase is supposed to act like an eraser or some type of delete button.  It is used flippantly.  It is used incessantly by mean people.  It is a bully’s favorite phrase.  It’s like that phrase you use when you got caught saying something you shouldn’t have.  You really did mean what you said, but it came out a little too harsh or you got the wrong response so HEY, let’s just use JUST KIDDING so, that will make everything ok.  Will it will erase the last few words you said?  Will it make your last actions just disappear?

Nope, it really doesn’t.

If you find yourself using those two little words a lot, you may need to assess exactly why you use it.  Are you really just joking around (which is really annoying anyway) OR are you using it as a cover.  Are you trying to cover your mean words or attitude?  Because, I promise, it really doesn’t serve as a good cover.  When words are uttered, you may not think they are permanently spoken, but for the person that those words hurt, they may last a lifetime.  If it was an action you did negatively toward another, it’s even more likely that the effects of it will live much longer.

I am serious.

Just kidding.

No, really, I am.  I am serious.




I know there are actual answers (maybe even scientific) to most of the questions I have in my head, but even though there are, I somehow still think this is useless, random information.

This is mainly because I know I can live on without knowing why…

…our dog licks everything. (I’m talking EVERYTHING. It’s like EVERYTHING is covered in bacon grease or something.)

…eating chili for dinner sometimes makes our whole household smell like the sewer.  (I know, TMI)

…the dishwasher being empty NEVER means that the dirty dishes go in there, because apparently Mom will always put them in there for us.  (MAJOR EYE ROLLING HERE)

…men, of any age, cannot find things right where they (or you or whoever) put them. They can be looking STRAIGHT at it and not see it.

…the messy bun won’t go out of style.

…the JANDAL is a loved shoe now. Why!?!

…cat crap is the worse smell in the world. (close second is chickens in general)

…our internet runs at snail speed beginning about 8PM every night.  (UHG!)

…some people have to be or act like they are smarter than others. (I realize it and appreciate your intellect, but I don’t have to be called aware of it daily, or even more often.  I’m not jealous and I am not going to be jealous so, stop trying to make me jealous. Duh.)

…some people are just not nice.  So many questions stem from this, but do I really NEED to know?  No.  They just are that way and nothing they do should change the way I treat them or anyone else.

If I never ever EVER have answers to any of these questions and the vast number of other questions I have about life in general like why do we have blood sucking bugs like mosquitoes and why do squirrels like acorns which I’ve tasted for some reason and know they are disgustingly inedible– IT WILL BE OK.

I’ve answered the main question I know I needed to myself.  IT WILL BE OK.





It’ll happen.

We can all be good leaders.  We can ALL step up, take a stand, be the first to help, etc.  We can all do what is right.  We can give, forgive and show gratitude. We can help others see what is right.  We can lift others up. We can, we can, we ALL can.

I teach a bunch of teenagers.  Most teens (not all) believe the universe revolves around them.  Most of these hormone raging hosts are in it for themselves.  It’s me, me, ME!  No matter how much I try to teach my students, for the most part, they want to take care of #1 and no one else.  I know this.  I know it, yet it still angers me.

I shouldn’t let it get me down.  I should just keep on nudging and encouraging in a loving way to help my students realize that there is more to life than their self-satisfaction.  When one helps to make another’s day, that creates an awesome unique self-satisfaction in the act itself.  I know they don’t know this.  They don’t understand this, because they haven’t practiced it enough.

So, it is my job to give them opportunities to practice selflessness.  I’m trying!  I truly am, but today was rough.

Let me tell ya…

They are always hungry, always wanting to satisfy some hunger they have.  They want information, they want snapchat, twitter and instagram.  They want you to give them a grade for basically doing nothing.  They want to be left alone, but they want you to pay attention to them too.  They want real food.  Sometimes, they seem like a baby begging for a bottle, to be held or for their diaper to be changed.  I know that is a gross analogy, but hey, I promise, their attitude is so similar on some ocassions.

SOME DAYS, and today was one of those SOME DAYS…this constant bombardment with my students obsession of self wore me out!   That’s all.

(note: not every child has this attitude…I just saw it a ton more today than usual)

I’ll be rested up and pumped up in the morning to start it all again.  Hopefully, I will see some improvement in some of my little sweeties tomorrow.  They truly are good kids, they just don’t show it fully yet.  It’ll happen.


Those three…

We are all in search for something.  The meaning of life?

Most would like to know the meaning of life and use every minute to ponder and wonder. Sometimes searching gets us exhausted and while searching, striving to find something, we miss out on the things we really need to focus on.  

God, family, friends...  We give up on those three important things to stay connected with a world that doesn’t really care if we are here or not when those three truly do.

God, family and friends love us, care about us, want us.

Watching TV, looking down at our phones, staring at a computer screen (like I’m doing now) or searching for things to entertain us limits us at times.  While trying to broaden our minds, we might find ourselves filling them with useless information when we could be experiencing something new, innovative or just plain fun instead!

My day today started out with sitting in a deer stand.  This wasn’t a new real life experience for me or something particularly innovative, but it was fun.  I’ve not done it in many years.  It’s not something I’ve ever really loved to do.  After today, I’m not saying I’m some deer hunting convert either, but I can say, it was nice being out in the woods, watching the squirrels and listening to my boy whisper about his friends and stories about school.  My husband wasn’t able to take him this morning, so I filled in.  I’m not the best fill in, of course, but I had to do.

So, I started off my day by searching for the camo shirt, searching for the keys, searching for the road to turn on, searching for the stand in the dark with coyotes howling in the background…

The search was on …then the wait was on … then he shot a sizable creature (I’m his witness–it was big) … then the search started again!

Like bloodhounds, we trailed the deer until for some reason, the blood stopped dropping. I know what frustration is today.  I know that sometimes, searching does not end in finding.  I know that we sometimes have to sit back, listen, watch, think, regroup and go home.  That is what we did today.  We searched and searched until I thought I was lost (I wasn’t!). The search came up empty, but the experience was something I don’t think either my boy or I will forget.

Let’s be IN SEARCH of memories we can make with others.  We need to focus on those three things I mentioned earlier.  I think our search for whatever we are looking for should start with those three.






Victory surely is sweet.

As my high school alma mater and school that I just happen to work at now (what a blessing that is!) moved toward VICTORY against our biggest rival in the history of both schools, my heart felt like it couldn’t take it!  I was so nervous when the game started and it only got worse as the game progressed.  When we took the lead, it wasn’t by much and I was ready to start pacing.  The game was packed so I didn’t try and disrupt anyone trying to get out of the stands even though I came close to doing it several times.  My husband, a major Rebel fan as well, almost a bigger fan, but definitely bigger critic encouraged me to hang in there and see it all the way through.  Man…I wanted to bolt!  It was like my life or something was hinged on this one little game.  How crazy does that sound!?!  This game was seriously intense until the last 44 seconds where we finally had the ball and only had to kneel it twice.  What a HUGE sigh of relief!

I had a friend ask me earlier that day when I was talking about how nervous I was for this game, “Win or lose, isn’t the sun still going to shine tomorrow?”  That question helped me so much!  At that point, I was even thinking of not going to the game! GASP!  His words did help me get through the game.  When I thought I was about to instantly contract a bleeding ulcer, I would remember, win or lose…it’s gonna be ok!  But.. But..

I WANTED THAT VICTORY!   And we did possess it in the end, thank the good Lord.

The sun did shine a bit brighter the next day… and victory is sweet!  But today I think of a victory that I wish we could all possess… AND WE REALLY CAN, but we have to decide to receive it.

This victory is sweeter than any other!!!

I went to a memorial service for a member of our church, friend and family member today where I was reminded again that the victory we have in Jesus is the best, most sweetest and is above all others.  Football games, making the A or wearing your “skinny” jeans is nothing compared to what we have with the blood of Jesus Christ.

We have life after death.  Actually death here on earth is just a period, a dot, a bend in the road as the preacher referred to it today…  It is actually a BEGINNING ..a beginning of our eternal life, free from sorrow, tears or fear.  Wow!





I believe that ANYTHING is possible.  

I shake my head in disbelief at a lot of things.  I’m talking about shocking things like friends who one day decide you are not their friend, husbands (or wives) who decide their mate is just not who they love anymore and children who decide their parents have never really supported them.  I know life happens and people change their minds for all kinds of reasons, but sometimes, my mouth drops open and I’m like, “Whaaaaat?”


I’ve seen circumstances, events and people change on a dime and I never saw that coming!  It’s like some kind of CRAZY just entered and said, “Ok, I’m in charge now.”  AND THAT is exactly what happens …CRAZY walked in.  CRAZY took over.  CRAZY waltzed in all cocky like, sat down, kicked it’s feet up and settled in.

I’m talking about the CRAZY that makes us shake our heads, squint our eyes and scratch our noggin.  (again…”Whaaaat?”)

And CRAZY pops up like a weed in a sidewalk crack!  You are like WHERE did that come from and HOW is that growing out of cement?!?!?

That kind of crazy is like a fire that consumes the land.  It takes our breath away sometimes.  It makes us question ourselves.  It makes us DOUBT.  It makes us sad.  It makes us cry, scream, lament…


Going back to my original statement: I believe ANYTHING is possible.

Crazy can be defeated.  God can give us all the tools we need to slay the crazy.  You can kick the crazy out of it’s easy chair, pull that weed up and throw it out!

ANYTHING is possible…

Relationships can be redeemed, love can grow again and we can move forward.  We can wipe our tears, restore our trust and move forward.

I know that sometimes crazy has made some kind of scar while it was visiting. Sometimes it might even cause us to remove something or someone from our lives that we never thought would have to go, but as I said, with GOD we can forgive, mend and move on.

We need to identify the crazy for what it is — it is the devil working.  Crazy chaos and insane drama is what he loves the most.  The nasty of this life is used by the devil to try and break us.  We must stand up and stand out and stand on the word of God!  Rebuke the devil by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST and defend yourself with the truths God has given us.


I hang on to that verse like a security blanket.  It comforts me when I whisper it. I’ve written it on my mirror, door jams, in permanent marker on my desk at work and is visible all around my daily life, because I know WITH GOD…

I believe ANYTHING is possible.



BE NICE. Just be nice.
Does it really take very much to do that?
Stop trying to show out in front of others by putting someone down.
Do you understand that when you do that, it only makes you look insecure and mean?
Yes, you are insecure and yes, you are mean.
Is that the look you were really going for?
If you have to put someone else down to feel better about yourself, you are insecure.
Please stop this insanity. You are a beautiful creation and one that can show love (sometimes by just keeping your mouth shut).
It sure would be nice… if you would all just BE NICE.
A short rant for those who just need to check themselves.  CHECK YO-SELF!

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