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Do you ever just look at a situation or end up smack dab in the middle of one where your mind eventually settles on that word:


I’ve found myself in a couple of these situations within the past few weeks.

My reflecting back on those ridiculous moments makes me remember that the aggravation that welled up in my body was just about as ridiculous as the actual thing that caused my blood pressure to rise a bit.

Thinking back on them now, I giggle.  I really giggle.  Like LOL even.  I’m not laughing at the person who caused it really…just the attitude they had in making the moment crazy.  I forgive their ridiculousness.  I really think I’m good at that kind of forgiveness.  I just wish I could dish out forgiveness much quicker than I do at times.  My husband says I hold on to it for too long, but of course, that is when he is involved.

As a teacher, I would wear myself out if I held on to a grudge against one of my students.  Not that I have a ton of unruly students in my classroom, but if I had held on to a bad feeling I had toward their behavior from over the years, I would have a huge black spot in my soul!  (this is my 21st year to teach!)

Ok, I know I’m babbling.  I haven’t really blogged a good one in a while.  I’m just thinking about this word RIDICULOUS and these situations I’ve come up against.

I pray that I don’t make things get that way in my daily walk.  I believe that a ridiculous moment can hurt one’s story/testimony.  It can make you look unqualified in the “smarts” dept.  It can sometimes make you look downright OFF.  As one of my friends might say, “You are showing too much of your crazy.”   haha!


We all possess the potential to use a power that is so seriously awesome…I’m amazed at how it truly works DAILY.  DAILY!!! 

I hope you too can use it and see it work.  It will work. Maybe not instantly, but it will work.  




Words are so powerful!  I have seen them build up and encourage or put down and make a great day into “doomsday.”  Everyone has seen this or been the recipient of it OR done it themselves.  It’s what we do.  We use our mouths to communicate whatever is on our mind.  Sometimes it comes out like pure sweet sugar and other times like soupy stanky diarrhea.  What do you do with your words?  Do you think before they come out of your head?  Do you sometimes wish you could suck them back in!?  Who hasn’t been there! Have you done service for the devil with the words you’ve used in the past?  This makes me cringe.  How horrible!  

In the Bible, it warns us over and over about how we should watch our words.  It tells us to be good listeners… “should be quick to listen and slow to speak.” (James 1:19)  

Read more:  What Does the Bible Say About Listening? Ohhhh and how about this one: He who answers before listening–that is his folly and  his shame.” (Proverbs 18:13) and one more:  For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned. -Matthew 12:37 Somedays we use our words to put ourselves down.  Have you ever called yourself “fat?”  Oh the horrible “F” word!  Think about this–when you use derrogatory words to describe yourself, you are just telling God that He didn’t do a good job.  YOU ARE REMARKABLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!  It says that in the Bible too. ((Psalm 139:14)  Do not put yourself down.  There are plenty people of the world that might do that for you.  You do not need to be one of those.  Use your words for compliments and happy :) comments. 

Another thing we use our words for is gossip.  OHHHHHHHH, the ugly UNtruth!  It’s ugly and vile and totally of the devil.  Wow, I’ve mentioned the devil twice in this post.  Gag!  But really, he’s a liar and loves when we lie.  Don’t do things that please him.  Look toward the truth–OUR GOD! Look to God and focus on HIM and He will guard your words.  He will help you use the right words.  He will calm you when you want to scream. He will guide you to use those “happy” words instead of those “funky” ones.   Make your words POWERFUL IN A POSITIVE WAY! Powerfully POSITIVE words are the best!

Van Gogh

I love this…

That is what I pray your profession does for you. 

I’m just TOO happy.

I heard from a little birdie today that a student said they just didn’t like me.  (gasp!)  Their reason: she’s just too happy.

((INSERT BIG OLE BELLY-ROLLIN LAUGH, Holding my side, Slapping my knee kind of laugh RIGHT HERE))

This is not a mischievous or “bwahahaha” kind of laugh.  This is one from absolute JOY!  I’m even MORE happy that someone thinks I’m TOO HAPPY!  It actually gives me GREAT JOY!

How about that!?  I bet they would have never guessed that.  Well, maybe they would since I’m just TOO happy. Haha!

After I got through laughing, I started thinking.

Someone dislikes me for my attitude…really?

I wonder if they like sad people or those who spew hate?  I wonder if they just don’t like my enthusiasm, because I know that annoys a lot of people.  I’m just curious.  It has nothing to do with me worrying at all about whether they like me or not. GOD likes me, I like me most of the time so, I’m good.  What concerns me is that what if they don’t like happy, because they themselves can’t see happy.  What if they can’t find happy?  What if they don’t feel happy, because they don’t have Jesus?  What if!?!

And then I thought about this…  Do they think I’m happy every second of every day?  I get sad, I get down on myself, things happen in my life that aren’t perfect.  I have my storms like everyone else, but I choose to ride the waves with a positive attitude.  AND I always choose not to ooze my sadness or concern on other people.  Of course I have people I talk to about things like that, I don’t just bottle up my sad feelings… but I don’t hurt other people because I’m hurt.

Ok, enough thinking.  Let’s get back to the main point…

I’m just TOO happy.

Hold on, this is better:

I love being TOO happy!  


Peace, I love peace!

First let me say, I know nothing can be as huge as the sending of God’s only son to us as a great sacrifice and the pouring out of grace.  This was the most precious blessing we could ever receive.

I am reminded over and over that our JESUS LIVES!

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the blessings God showers down.

TODAY I got to see the power of HIS word.  I got to see prayers work almost as soon as they were voiced.  I got to see HIM at work.  It was an overwhelming feeling to know that God did that just for me.  My blessings today were many things, but the best gift was that of peace today.

I love peace.  I’m overwhelmed by the fact that He allowed peace to flow abundantly in my life today.  I just had to type it down!  I know, there are no details.  Just know, PEACE was what happened.

Peace, I love peace!


What a weekend I’ve just had!

I was absolutely honored to be able to sing at a Women’s Retreat in Gatesville, Texas. THEN I got to sing in front of a group of lady’s at one of the Gatesville prisons.  That was probably the best crowd I’ve ever had the opportunity to sing in front of.  They sang along, clapped, AMEN’ed and praised with hands up and hearts open.  It was truly and absolutely an evening I will never ever forget.  This will be one of those things I put on my greatest times of my life list.  God knows I want to be used by Him and this weekend, I believe I was truly working for Him.

My prayer is to continue this in my daily life no matter where I am, who I’m with or what is going on.

I was absolutely amazed at what God was doing in both places this weekend.  The more I ask God to lessen me and make Himself greater and greater in all I do…the more I feel His mighty power.  I know it’s always there, but when I humble myself, HE is more evident.  He is my voice.  He is the reason I sing.  It is HIS gift that allows me to sing.  When people hear my voice, I want them to hear HIM.

I’m still so pumped from the experience of this weekend!  The women who were involved in both events blessed me so!  Most of all, GOD BLESSED US ALL!  I felt His constant presence and His absolute love.

I always enjoy working with my friend Tammy Whitehurst who made all this happen for me.  We will be doing another event this coming Saturday as well–right here in my hometown.  I am certain it will be an absolute blessing as well!

I’m truly blessed and honored to work for our Lord.

He ALWAYS shows us all (when we look…and we must keep looking) that BLESSINGS ABOUND!

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