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I believe that ANYTHING is possible.  

I shake my head in disbelief at a lot of things.  I’m talking about shocking things like friends who one day decide you are not their friend, husbands (or wives) who decide their mate is just not who they love anymore and children who decide their parents have never really supported them.  I know life happens and people change their minds for all kinds of reasons, but sometimes, my mouth drops open and I’m like, “Whaaaaat?”


I’ve seen circumstances, events and people change on a dime and I never saw that coming!  It’s like some kind of CRAZY just entered and said, “Ok, I’m in charge now.”  AND THAT is exactly what happens …CRAZY walked in.  CRAZY took over.  CRAZY waltzed in all cocky like, sat down, kicked it’s feet up and settled in.

I’m talking about the CRAZY that makes us shake our heads, squint our eyes and scratch our noggin.  (again…”Whaaaat?”)

And CRAZY pops up like a weed in a sidewalk crack!  You are like WHERE did that come from and HOW is that growing out of cement?!?!?

That kind of crazy is like a fire that consumes the land.  It takes our breath away sometimes.  It makes us question ourselves.  It makes us DOUBT.  It makes us sad.  It makes us cry, scream, lament…


Going back to my original statement: I believe ANYTHING is possible.

Crazy can be defeated.  God can give us all the tools we need to slay the crazy.  You can kick the crazy out of it’s easy chair, pull that weed up and throw it out!

ANYTHING is possible…

Relationships can be redeemed, love can grow again and we can move forward.  We can wipe our tears, restore our trust and move forward.

I know that sometimes crazy has made some kind of scar while it was visiting. Sometimes it might even cause us to remove something or someone from our lives that we never thought would have to go, but as I said, with GOD we can forgive, mend and move on.

We need to identify the crazy for what it is — it is the devil working.  Crazy chaos and insane drama is what he loves the most.  The nasty of this life is used by the devil to try and break us.  We must stand up and stand out and stand on the word of God!  Rebuke the devil by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST and defend yourself with the truths God has given us.


I hang on to that verse like a security blanket.  It comforts me when I whisper it. I’ve written it on my mirror, door jams, in permanent marker on my desk at work and is visible all around my daily life, because I know WITH GOD…

I believe ANYTHING is possible.



BE NICE. Just be nice.
Does it really take very much to do that?
Stop trying to show out in front of others by putting someone down.
Do you understand that when you do that, it only makes you look insecure and mean?
Yes, you are insecure and yes, you are mean.
Is that the look you were really going for?
If you have to put someone else down to feel better about yourself, you are insecure.
Please stop this insanity. You are a beautiful creation and one that can show love (sometimes by just keeping your mouth shut).
It sure would be nice… if you would all just BE NICE.
A short rant for those who just need to check themselves.  CHECK YO-SELF!

Bathroom etiquette …

I had put a comment in my last blog that bathroom etiquette should be a required training just like confidentiality is for teachers each year and then I see this funny post:

Random thoughts. 

Do not send pictures of your toes to people you love.  It just ain’t right.  

Don’t send pictures of your feet to anyone.  It’s awkward especially if they don’t really know you.  So awkward. 

If your feet make noise when walking on any surface or catch on carpet, find the exfoliant and lotion fast!

Good manners and fresh breath never go out of style. 

People should check their skirt before coming out of the bathroom. 

Do not run over your mom’s heel with a shopping cart. 

6th graders are not too young for deodorant.  

Pit hair is just gross to look at. Do not include it in pictures.  It should go right along with toe pictures.  No, just no.  

Bathroom etiquette should be required training  for  everyone just like confidentiality training is every year for teachers. 

Fish or food items that look like vomit should not be brought to lunch wherever you work.  

If you can smell yourself, others can too. Perhaps it’s time to bathe?

Crock pots are a mom’s best friend. 

A million selfies a day does NOT help one’s self esteem.  It just shows others you have an issue with self image.  You are beautiful.  Except it please. 

The duck face is OUT. Snap filters are IN!

Keep on Keepin on!  

The Good

A blog about what we must stay focused on. 


I am extremely proud of my husband. He is in law enforcement and has been for over 22 years now. 

When he first started his career, he worked in the jail, then the street and now is an investigator.  He’s worked day shift, swing as they call it, deep nights and now all that sometimes plus when he’s called. 

He is our protector. He’s an awesome provider and best of all he loves Jesus.    

He really is my biggest hero.  I don’t tell him that enough, but he is. 

 I’ve always put my trust in God. I know God protects my husband. Through the years I have had a certain level of concern, of course, but it never outweighed the positive that I know my husband is doing for our world. He not only protects my family, but others.  

I have always loved and respected those in a uniform. Those police officers, firemen, EMS, etc are our helpers, first responders, people we depend on!  

But now… thanks to a great number of crazies, the insane amount of negative media and all this chaos born of satan in our world, that uniform has become a target. 

That uniform that I so loved to see him in for so many years is now a new source of fear for me.  It’s still a symbol of help, protection and deserves respect, but to those seeking vengeance and retaliation it is a target for their anger. This anger is formed by current events and their twisted interpretation of reality.  This combination becomes just more actions of hate.  

This is not going to fix anything. Hate does nothing good.  Chaos does nothing good.  This only draws a target on innocent people. It puts people in danger who work to make our lives more protected.  …and beyond.  Innocent people who do show love and want peace are hurt.  

This is not about anything, but evil. We are allowing the devil to use the media, the hate, the chaos and confusion to put us against each other.  We must continue to seek God in everything and keep Jesus in our hearts. 

Seek the good, 

focus on the good 

and be the good. 

You know that song… sing it with me:

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap clap)
Just thinking about that song makes me think of younger years when we liked to act a whole lot more silly than we do now.  I still like to act silly, but it’s frowned upon by my age peers.  I guess that is why I teach, but even some of the high schoolers I teach are “too old” to have fun anymore.  Some think I’m just the crazy art teacher.  I’m good with that.  It’s guaranteed that they will remember me!
Are you needing some fun today?
Don’t you remember finger painting, playing in the mud and riding a bike?  What are the things you thought of when you jumped out of the bed in the summer time –usually way passed 10 or even passed noon?
I always thought of who I was going to play with that day.  What friend could I coax out of the a/c to run the roads with?  What kind of fort could we build that day out of sticks or pine straw or just piles of dirt.  Could we create the perfect floor plan for my future mansion?  Would my dad let us ride in the back of the truck later (when he got home from work) to the local store to get a coke and some peanuts or even some chocolate?
I never ever worried about unloading the dishwasher, making my bed or paying bills.  I never thought of the vitamins I needed to take or what shoes would be comfortable to wear today.  I never concerned myself with dusting (gag!), what I was going to cook for dinner or any type of national news.
I know times change and you are like, what is the point?  I’m not sure what the point is really.  Maybe I will get to it in a minute.
I know as adults we have different responsibilities and different mindsets.  We have deadlines and “bigger fish to fry” as they say.  (yes, some say that)  We are concerned with things that we never even knew about as a kid.  
I’m not saying all this so we can neglect our important obligations and go ride a bike or make a mud pie.  I don’t really like to touch mud anymore (that’s another story).
I am just saying…
Sometimes we need to dress up like a cow on COW APPRECIATION DAY @Chick-fil-a and eat some free nuggets!  Don’t be scared to have some crazy-people are 
going to look at you like you have lost all your marbles-kind of fun.   Maybe this doesn’t include face paint,  a white shirt with big black spots, floppy ears or singing IF YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT to a restaurant full of people…
Maybe you just need to de-stress by worrying less.
Perhaps you need to ride a bike.  I’d say borrow the neighbor kid’s bike, but a lot of kids don’t have bikes these days.  I hate that for them, because riding down a hill with the wind in your face is a very awesome experience.  I know why dogs like to stick their heads out of the window going down the road!
Get up where you are now and do some jumping jacks like you did in elementary PE class.  If that don’t make you laugh …or even pee a little… you need more drastic measures.
Or maybe you just need to sing the song…
but make sure you tell your face to show it!  Smiling alone can turn not only a frown upside down, but a day away from “Ug” to “WooooHoooo!”

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap clap)



I will be part of a craft booth early next month so I’m painting/fonting whenever I can to get ready. Here are some of my works…

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